Santeri’s Vision: Using Music as a Catalyst for Mental Health Awareness and Conversation

Reflecting on your journey from studying software engineering to creating music, how has this transition shaped your perspective on life and artistry and, how do you balance both parts of your life? Transitioning from software engineering to music has broadened my perspective. Engineering taught me structure, and music has added the freedom to express emotions […]

Exclusive Artist Interview: Exploring Luchi’s Musical Odyssey and the Heartfelt Story Behind ‘You’ll Hurt More’

The latest from singer/songwriter Luchi is a new single entitled ‘You’ll Hurt More’. What you’ll notice first is the emotional piano part, which throughout the song outlines the chord layers, dancing around, gently passing over extra chords to keep your attention. In the breakdown this piano turns into a gorgeous arpeggio that supports the vocal […]

Interview: “People will say I’m crazy because I’m a spiritual person” reveals OR GOLAN as he discusses his music and life with MHBOX.

Where are you based? Hello everyone from faraway Israel, you must have heard of this country in the world, we are a bit crazy politically and militarily, but I am Or Golan, an international musician, if you haven’t heard of me yet, it’s time to read a little and maybe learn a thing or two […]

Interview: ‘Blessing Gomero’ releases new hit single ‘Bad Character’ and talks to MHBOX in this exclusive interview

“Bad Character” from ‘Blessing Gomero’ is  a catchy soulful, dance, comedic satire on human relationships. It’s a song that calls the out “bad character”  of people who say they are for you but will leave you in the cold. It stylishly spells out love languages such as acts of service, words of affirmation  and engages […]

INTERVIEW with Indie Pop Artist Anacy who Releases ‘My Sweet Lullaby’ – the first single off her forthcoming New EP ‘Hot Mess’

1.Your single My Sweet Lullaby is moody and endearing, how long have you been writing music for? I come from a very creative family and was encouraged from a very young age to write and create stories. However I only started started taking writing music seriously/professionally in 2018.  2. Tell us about Anacy, – what […]

MHBOX Interview: ‘Tiana Kocher’ speaks to MHBOX about new single ‘Take Over’ with multi platinum artist ‘Sage the Gemini’

Manila-born Tiana Kocher has just released her latest contemporary RnB single ‘Take Over feat. Sage the Gemini’ with a stunning music video set on a gorgeous yacht and Malibu beach coastline. Congratulations on all your successes so far! Can you tell us about your new record ‘Take Over’? Take Over was one of the first […]