Interview with ‘Liza Jane’ Award-winning soprano singer-songwriter

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Liza Jane is an award-winning soprano singer-songwriter of Italian descent. Born in Miami but raised in Key West, Liza has performed live on stage with some of the music industries elite and has opened for various high-profile bands and musicians including, Three Dog Night, the Doobie Brothers, Grand Funk Railroad and rock-star Phil Brown and the late, great, Paul Cotton from his band POCO. We chatted to her about her latest single ‘Unbreakable’ and two new Holiday drops!

We read that you “came here to sing” – can you expand on that, and when did you know that music was in your future?

I have always had a passion for singing since I was 3 years old. My family and I were in Miami at theFontainebleau Hotel, and I walked right up onto the stage while a band was playing and told them I was a singer. They couldn’t believe I was 3 years old, and I started singing Jingle Bells. At 4 years old, I was wearing a pink sleeping beauty gown and my mother was making pasta in the kitchen for me and heard an operatic voice coming from the living room. She thought she left music on and when she walked in, I was singing ‘Once Upon a Dream.’ She said “Liza, is that you?” and I said, “Of course mommy I told you I came here to sing.” I would always dance and sing to Cher, Celine Dion’s, and others. I loved many musicals, and I just had a strong passion for singing and have been doing it ever since!

Your new song, ‘Unbreakable’ is very powerful. Can you tell us about the song?  

Thank you! Unbreakable is about empowerment and to remind us that with even the toughest situations we will make it out to the other side. We are warriors, survivors, fighters, we are Unbreakable. I want this song to inspire, energize, and give hope to everyone. I have gotten through many tough situations, my mother is a breast cancer survivor, and this song is personally empowering. I think about it during rough times or If I am having a bad day and say “Liza, remember Unbreakable it is your song!”

What do you hope people will take from the song?

I hope people vibe with the lyrics and message, as well as the music! I made it to be a fun and motivating song.

We heard not one, but two new Christmas songs are out for the Holidays. Can you explain why you chose to release two versions of ‘Santa Baby’? 

I decided to release two different versions, one for people who enjoy traditional Christmas music and one for a fun remix version!

Which is your personal favorite and why?

My favorite is the EDM future bass version because I wanted to have a new fun style to a classic song everyone loves!

Do you have any new year resolutions?

My new year resolution is to master mindfulness and meditation for my mental health, continue to exercise and eat healthy for my body which in turn will help my mind and give me stamina for my music career and performing, and to just thrive with my music and keep progressing!

What is one of your favorite family traditions for the Holidays?

My favorite family tradition is going to my aunt’s house for a Christmas cookie decorating party. She goes all out making the gingerbread from scratch, prepares the edible decorations – sprinkles, marshmallows, etc, and then I always end up eating everyone’s the day after. We always invite our closest family and friends!

What does 2022 hold for you?

I will be having an EP release party, plan to perform live for concerts and events, and many other things in the making!

‘Unbreakable’ from Liza Jane is out now on all digital platforms. Click the link to choose your favorite music platform

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