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Interview: PianobyG talks to MHBOX on the release of new single “Foolz Gold”

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How old are you?

I am a 19 year old college freshman

What inspired you to start making music ?

I’ve always been drawn to it, and it takes me to a different world, all the outside noise gets silenced.

Who are your musical influences ?

I would say I don’t influence my music after anyone really, I kinda have my own sound going on, which I really dig.

Describe your creative process?

My creative process usually starts at night, I’ll get a melody stuck in my head and build the song around the melody. I’ll usually spend 20-30 hours perfecting each song.

Where did you get the name PianobyG from ?

Well, my middle name is “Garett” and once we started spitballing name ideas, that name just stuck.

Tell us about your previous single ‘alone’ what is it about and what success did you achieve?

“Alone at the Summit”, was my debut single. The name comes from me feeling like I’m alone at the highest peak of creativity and nobody else is there with me,it absolutely shocked me how well it performed. Nearly 13k streaks in 2 weeks. It’s crazy and I’m very blessed to have reached a great fan base this early in my career.

Tell us about your new and latest single ?

“Foolz Gold” is a much happier and upbeat piece I have out right now. It’s doing so well right now, nearly 10K streams in a day and a half and I can’t thank my fans for all the support around the world!

Do you produce your own material ?

I write and compose everything from scratch. I have an idea and build around it, but SBE Records masters, records, and helps me put the best version of my music out to the masses.

What are your future release plans for 2022 ?

I plan on dropping a 8 song EP and then taking a small 1 month break to recharge and relax.

How do you feel about your music spreading all around the world?

It honestly feels unreal. I feel like I’m in a dream. I wish I could thank every individual fan that bumps my music.

Tell us about your record label and how it helps you ?

SBE is family; they help my creative direction, recording, they help me get inspired, they push me to be my best, and they give me honest feedback which makes me trust them 100%.

Where can we find you online ?

My Instagram handle is @pianobyg
My Spotify handle is @PianobyG

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