INTERVIEW with Indie Pop Artist Anacy who Releases ‘My Sweet Lullaby’ – the first single off her forthcoming New EP ‘Hot Mess’

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1.Your single My Sweet Lullaby is moody and endearing, how long have you been writing music for?

I come from a very creative family and was encouraged from a very young age to write and create stories. However I only started started taking writing music seriously/professionally in 2018. 

2. Tell us about Anacy, – what do you do, a typical day in your life?

Definitely always start my day with a delicious, strong cup of coffee. I do a lot of work at coffee shops.

When I’m not in studio recording music or presenting…I’m probably filming, dancing, studying or working for a start-up company.

I am also know for exercising out my problems lol (was a South African Vaulter in my former years so I’ve always loved being active and outgoing). I am usually at gym sweating up a storm and looking like a ripe, red tomato.

I have developed great friendships with many of the managers and personal trainers over the past year and they have been super supportive of my music.

In the evenings I find comfort in walking my dogs or even riding my horse on Noordhoek beach. Just peacefully being in nature puts me at ease. Spending time with family and friends is another factor that is very important to me. To end the day I do like to engage in a good dose of Love Island (I know you are judging but I don’t care).

3. Who would you say is your most inspirational artist and why?

I grew up mainly listening to Tracy Chapman, Katie Melua, Dido, Madonna and Florence and the Machine. 

As I got a little older I became obsessed with Lorde. She probably has been the biggest inspiration as she really redefined the term of a “pop star” by the way she sings, writes, composes, dresses and behaves. She reassured me that it is okay not to be okay and express it through music. She encouraged me to not be afraid to be raw, vulnerable and authentic in my music. It is very inspiring that she does exactly what she wants to do and never worries if it’s the right decision because the right decision is always just to be herself.

I love how she creates catchy indie pop music whilst tackling sociopolitical issues to promote change for the better.

4. What is My Sweet Lullaby all about?

The main concept of My Sweet Lullaby is about dealing with the loss of a loved one. There are two circumstances that inspired the single :

1.) In March – a person I regarded as my brother passed away. I felt the need to create a song that was a tribute to his life and to honour him in some sort of way. He is the greatest inspiration/muse of the single and I hope he is able to hear it and smile down from heaven (probably laughing at my life choices actually lol). This single gave me a sense of closure and comfort in the fact that he may not be physically living on Earth and will forever live on in my heart and this song. 

2) In June – a romantic relationship with someone that I had been invested in for three years came to an end. Walking away destroyed me but I still want only the best for him (even if it is not me). This single helped me accept the end of this chapter.

I dedicate this song to these two incredible individuals. I will forever cherish the memories spent with them and be so thankful for the love they showed me…especially at a time when I couldn’t even look in the mirror and love myself.

5. You live in Cape Town, SA – what is the music scene like over there?

Cape Town has a great music scene filled with incredibly talented artists. However due to the Covid 19 pandemic many awesome music venues that I used to perform at closed down which has made the industry become pretty small (I know quite a few friends who have given up over the past two years which is so heartbreaking to hear).

This is also one of the reasons why I focused more on creating online content and recording my debut EP.

Hopefully soon things change and music festivals will start up again too as I really miss performing.

6. How do you write your music, take us through the process?

There is not a set process in how I write. Inspiration usually strikes me at the most unpredictable times (in the shower, driving, walking on the beach, at gym, reading a WhatsApp message, brushing my teeth, at a party, studying, etc).

Usually once I have a rough idea of a concept or a potential hook – I start messing around with different melodies/compositions on my keyboard and see if I can make a full song.

Sometimes the process is long and draining but usually if I have developed a basic instrumental and idea of the concept…the lyrics just fall into place quickly like magic.
I then spend a good few months polishing and perfecting the lyrics and melody of the song.

7. Your EP is coming out next year, talk us through that?

Over the years I have developed a close working relationship with Howard Edward, Colin Sher, Tanner Mason and Ross Rowley. I am so thankful for their constant support and guidance. I am currently working on my debut EP, Hot Mess, which I am hoping to release earlier next year. I am really proud of this project as I feel it truly reflects my sound and me as an artist. It has been a massive honour to work with such a talented team.

8. Have you always been a music lover, writer?

Yes definitely. My initals are ART so I think my parents always knew I was destined to create. For as long as I can remember I’ve been annoying them – constantly getting songs stuck in their heads – they even gave me the nickname Radio (which is also a foreshadowing). I performed in many musicals, one act plays, dance recitals growing up, took drama and dance as school subjects which reassured me that I could actually make a career out of my passion for performing.

9. Tell us about your recording experience, in the studio, what you love about it and dislike?

Honestly recording my music is one of my most favorite things to do. There is not one thing I dislike- even the tedious aspects are made exciting and fun when doing it with people you love. There are many jokes, laughs, dancing, yoga, stretching, and coffee runs involved in the process which makes the  experience even more enjoyable!

I always leave the studio in a better mood than when I arrived.

10. Tell us a joke

What is Beethoven’s favourite fruit? “Ba-na-na-naaaaa”

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