MHBOX Interview: Padrino talks about his new single ‘Battlefield’ and more

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Where did get the artist name Padrino from and is it your real name ?

(Padrino) :” My little homie Irvin from Guatemala gave me the name . I was like his big brother or rather the big homie of the neighborhood in my apartment complex where I lived when I went to college in North Carolina . My need to always help people and look for our for people is where it came from I guess and it stuck with me over the years . But he most definitely started calling me Padrino

Where were you born, what is your heritage and where are you based now ? Does it influence your music.

(Padrino ): I Born in Nassau Bahamas to an Irish mother and a Bahamian Father . It’s a long story lol …. I currently reside in Miami . I’d have to say most definitely that my musical influences came from growing up in a house with a Bahamian father and a Irish mother . Both of them has their love of music which was completely different but my mother listened to everything . From Classic orchestral music to Billie holiday , miles Davis , Etta James , to the cranberries , proclaimers , I mean there wasn’t a genre of music my mother didn’t listen to . She really appreciated music .

Tell us about your latest single ‘battlefield’ what’s it about and where is it most popular ?

(Padrino): Battle Fields idea was influenced by a Pat Benatar song that I’ve always loved growing Uk but I wanted to put my own take on the concept of the fight we call love which is definitely a battle.

After receiving the riddim from Zj Chrome me and team got together and immediately begun piecing it together and I felt like the record needed to be delivered in a way that shows the vulnerability of a man who loves .

Why did you decide to start a musical career in the style of reggae ?

(Padrino)I’ve been writing and producing in the genre for a few years now for artist in Jamaica and being from the Caribbean it came natural to me to dive right in . I love reggae music . Who doesn’t ?

Tell us about your Hip-hop and R&B phase and productions before you went into the global reggae market ?

(Padrino ): Well I can say my hip hop and Rnb experience definitely gave me a different perspective to my approach in reggae music from writing and producing for mark middleton of black street to working with Beyoncé song writer Rober Waller aka Est My understanding of writing I can give them some thanks for . Whether Producing ,engineering or working with Field


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