Experience the Unforgettable Hook of ‘Where do you think I come from?’ by Jardaker: A Fusion of Rock and Rap Like Never Before.

Introducing Jardaker’s captivating debut single, “Where do you think I come from?” This electrifying fusion of rock and rap invites the audience to ponder the artist’s identity as Jardaker skillfully repeats this rhetorical question, creating an irresistibly catchy hook. Jardaker, as an artist, delves deep into self-reflection, contemplating his journey and self-expression through rap. Setting […]

‘Lenoy Barkai’ releases ‘DO I REALLY WANNA KNOW?’ single and lyric video off her debut album ‘Paper Crown’.

“Do I Really Wanna Know?” is the first single to be released from Lenoy Barkai’s debut album, Paper Crown. The song juxtaposes rock instrumentation over classical vocal lines, experiments with vocal synths and follows an untraditional structure. “It is definitely the track where I set out to try something new and pushed myself further beyond […]

Underground trance, techno, hard house and UK dance music producer ‘reblGreen’ delivers 2 new incredible singles ‘Time To Decide’ and ‘Planet Pandemonium’.

‘reblGreen’ is a UK music producer who releases two new singles ‘Time To Decide’ and ‘Planet Pandemonium’. The first single ‘Time To Decide’ is a motivational clock themed song containing voiced female lyrics and uplifting dance music. This melodic techno track contains hidden clock related sounds. It contains subliminal sounds from Big Ben, an off […]

A keen and conscious storyteller with an insightful perspective on life in the third world, ‘Baba Kuboye’ sets the Afrobeat world on fire with new album ‘Ikoyi with Horns’ featuring popular TIKTok song ‘Kalakuta Girl’.

The debut album releases his first project from “Ikoyi with Horns” LP which includes popular TIKTok song “Kalakuta Girl”. Afrobeats artist, Baba Kuboye releases his 2nd studio album,  “From Ikoyi with Horns” via all streaming platforms on July 18th. The Dallas based artist provides good vibes and a socially conscious voice through his music. Baba […]

The new single ‘We Believe’ is the official new song release from new musical comedy ‘New York in chains’.

‘New York in chains‘ is a brand new movie from filmmaker, director and producer ‘Don Lewis’. The new single ‘We Believe’ is the official new song release from new musical comedy ‘New York in chains‘. Talking about the musical movie, ‘Don Lewis’ said “We have a 45 minute staged musical movie with all of the songs […]

There is no limit to what supreme producer and techno house savvy ‘Luca Draccar’ can achieve, as he drops new E.P ‘Supreme Emptiness’.

There is no limit to what supreme producer and techno house savvy Luca Draccar can achieve- his delightfully impressive discography captures the sonic variation and warmth of staggering electronic music style with his catalog boasting of the techno house, deep house, future house, vibrant EDM tracks that undeniably pique the interests of global listeners. This […]

After achieving multiple acclaimed awards, ‘Stonebwoy’ signs to Def Jam Recordings and releases new single ‘Therapy’

Universal Music Group (UMG) label divisions Def Jam Recordings, 0207 Def Jam and Def Jam Africa are thrilled to announce the global signing of Ghanaian Afropop, dancehall and beloved reggae musician and pioneer, Stonebwoy to the global Def Jam artist family. Def Jam Africa will represent his music across Africa, whilst Def Jam Recordings will […]

Interview: ‘Blessing Gomero’ releases new hit single ‘Bad Character’ and talks to MHBOX in this exclusive interview

“Bad Character” from ‘Blessing Gomero’ is  a catchy soulful, dance, comedic satire on human relationships. It’s a song that calls the out “bad character”  of people who say they are for you but will leave you in the cold. It stylishly spells out love languages such as acts of service, words of affirmation  and engages […]

Focussing on sound only as a means to inspire the listener to explore the beauty of imagination, ‘Matteo Michelutti’ puts out new single ‘Gardens of Youth’

Matteo Michelutti is a (renowned) synesthetic composer and musician. He has curved a unique music career that focuses on sound only as a means to inspire the listener to explore the beauty of imagination and emotions. He has ten years’ experience as a pure sound composer whose work has been featured in some short animated […]

‘Stephen Gawking’ returns with 3rd single ‘Curiosity Killed the Cat’ featuring Hip Hop star ‘iFani’

Hip Hop, Pop project Stephen Gawking is the brainchild of  Ijay Swanepoel, a symbol of hope and inspiration to those who are: disabled, different, oppressed, bullied, and everyone in-between. Despite being diagnosed with SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy), Ijay discovered at the age of 25 that he’s, in fact, a talented lyricist, which dramatically fuelled his […]

‘Paul Tabone’ is an Italian Australian-born tenor based in London who releases an operatic version of Radiohead’s classic ‘Creep’

Creep, made famous in 1992 by Radiohead has been reinvented by the classical crossover artist Paul Tabone. Radiohead hates that US audiences were obsessed with ‘Creep’ and took years to move on to their new music. The song resonates with so many and in this attempt to bring the operatic sound to the masses Paul […]

Professionally engaged in music for over 2 decades, ‘P. Lowe’ is back with ‘Don’t Judge Me’

P. Lowe is an influential Music Artist born in America with Jamaican Roots. Lowe is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, producer, composer, musical engineer, and entrepreneur. Professionally engaged in music for over 2 decades, Lowe is no stranger to the industry. In addition to saxophone, Lowe can play 5 other instruments. Lowe also speaks and writes […]

With an unexpected blend of urban, electronic, and rock influences, ‘Max M’ returns with ‘Coming Through’

After Imaginary Problems, Never Wanna Leave and Under Water, Max M is back with the same singer for his new song named “Coming Through”. Unexpected blend of urban, electronic, and rock influences in a memorable pop song with relatable lyrics, “Coming Through” is definitely the kind of song that will make you say, “I’ve not […]

Firing up an emotional connectivity with the audience, check out L.A based rockers “Circle The Earth”

“Circle The Earth” are a Rock band that are based out of Los Angeles, CA. Diverse. Authentic. Inspiring. Circle the Earth is an eclectic band making the kind of music that fires up an emotional connectivity with the audience. These artists stem from all corners of the planet and their multi-cultural and generational vibe stirs […]

‘Shona McGarty’ from Eastenders is fronting The Celebs this year with a heart warming rendition of the Beatles classic ‘Let It Be’

It’s 2021, Saga Entertainment and The Celebs have reunited, this year fronted by Shona Mcgarty best known for playing Whitney Dean on Eastenders. Shona sings a heart warming rendition of the Beatles classic Let It Be. Released December 3rd 2021; accompanied by an uplifting music video. Shona McGarty is fronting The Celebs this year, with […]

‘EclecticBlonde’ release an upbeat, up-tempo, happy holiday tune with new single “One Less Minute to Christmas”

It’s the season for holiday music, and if you want an upbeat, fun, and modern take on that you won’t go wrong with EclecticBlonde’s “One Less Minute to Christmas”. This song has a catchy, timeless melody and production. It has a cool old-school pop r&b flavor, yet it still feels modern and crisp. It is […]

‘Alex Genadinik’ is a singer-songwriter based in NYC who releases new single ‘The One Who Didn’t’

Alex Genadinik is a singer-songwriter based in NYC where he performs at local bars. His musical focus is to write songs with interesting lyrics. For his day job he is a business trainer through https://www.problemio.com and an online course licenser: https://www.problemio.com/udemy/white-labeling-or-buying-udemy-courses.html The song follows the protagonist who is haunted by Beethoven’s 5th Symphony. The 5th Symphony is very […]

Highlighting his passions & delving deeper into the emotions that encompass the human psyche, ‘Futureboy Wavo’ releases new single ‘Lemon Stand’

Michael is a multi-talented vocalist & songwriter who dons the moniker of Futureboy Wavo. At the heart of an evolving hip-hop scene, Futureboy Wavo is uniquely wired and isn’t afraid to push the boundaries of our perception with his well-crafted production. His tenacity will lead him to become relentless in the independent circuit. Futureboy Wavo […]

Following the success of a string of hit singles, ‘Lee Cole’ is back with new single ‘Cold’

Johannesburg-based singer-songwriter, Lee Cole returns with yet another brilliant power ballad as he releases his brand-new single ‘Cold’ – out Wednesday 3 November – across all digital platforms. Following the success of a string of hit singles with ‘I Don’t Wanna Wait’, ‘Pink Dragons’, ‘Honey, Let Me In’ and most recently ‘Emotional’, Lee has managed […]

‘Randy MC’ is a well-rounded Musical Theater performer as well as an accomplished classical and alt-pop singer.

Randy MC; full name Randy Martono-Chai is a Taiwanese-American vocalist, songwriter, producer, and pianist born December 25 1994 in Taipei, Taiwan where he lived till the age of 4. His family moved to the United States of America and Randy was raised in Southern California, Randy has Filipino, Chinese, Indonesian, and Spanish roots and is a […]

Composed by ‘Another Lafsto’ in a span of 11 months, ‘Tracks Collection’ Is an Album full of 39 EDM tracks out now

‘Tracks Collection’ Is an Album full of 39 EDM tracks composed by Another Lafsto in a span of 11 months. Another Lafsto is a 23-year-old Spanish EDM music composer and producer. Luis Álvarez Ferreira better known as Another Lafsto is a composer and producer of EDM music, he specializes in progressive house music although he […]

‘RJ Griffith’ and ‘Becki Yates’ drop ‘When we Love’ and hope this song can help people relate to the strain the pandemic has put on many of our relationships

RJ Griffith has teamed up with UK pop singer and former X Factor contestant, Becki Yates, for his latest single “When We Love.” The song puts a new twist on RJ’s customary R&B sound, pairing Griffith and Yates behind an EDM beat while singing about a complicated relationship, which many of us can relate to, […]

Anne Bennett is an alternative singer/songwriter whose haunting, melancholic vocals soar over dark melodies on new single ‘Heavy Hand’

Heavy Hand is a ‘you can run but you can’t escape’ type of song. I (the virus, depression, death) will always get you in the end.” Born and raised in Salem, Massachusetts, Anne Bennett is an alternative singer/songwriter whose haunting, melancholic vocals soar over dark melodies concerning death, love, heaven and hell, and are often […]

Candy Land, W!G’s debut single, is a pop record that features a sing-song cadence and catchy melodies atop a modern production.

From the mind of author and actress Katrina Kusa comes the unstoppable and fierce W!G. Combining her talents of acting and writing with her love of music, Katrina is sharing her new artist persona W!G with a debut single Candy Land that shifts her entire sound and brand into a new direction. W!G shares, “W!G […]

Strong organ, fingerpicking guitars and melodic bass lines all backing a catchy and melodic vocal are present on new single ‘The Birds’ from ‘Terence George And The Shakies’

‘The Birds’ is the new release from ‘Terence George And The Shakies’. Terence George is a musician born and bred on the Isle of Man, backed by strong band of local musicians. His prolific songwriting and strong vocal has started grabbing the attention of people from all over the world, covering genres of folk, Rock, […]

Honest, loyal and witty, Big Hookz drops stunning new album ‘Visionary’

Few artists are truly global/International, but then again, few artists are like Big Hookz. Big Hookz is a true triple threat, artist, executive-producer, entrepreneur and CEO of indie powerhouse Str8Team Entertainment. He’s currently based in the metropolitan area (DC, Maryland, Virginia) aka (DMV), born and raised in Cameroon, before moving to Hamburg, Germany, Hookz has […]

The new single ‘Eternity’ from ‘MasonRoseGray’ is about a sacred angel overlooking a poor, wounded man.

MasonRoseGray is a singer/songwriter based in Florida. Creating music with the sole intention of shining light into the dark and exposing the truth, her sound blends indie and blues with honest and raw lyrics, unlocking a whole new world; the good, the bad, the ugly. Gray evokes a unique and infectious sound. Her latest single, […]

Daring to seek freedom, ‘Matthew Heller’ releases new single ‘Scorer be Scored’

Maybe My Love Was Just Right, the new record from Portland, OR musician Matthew Heller, feels like freedom. Like the freedom that comes from letting go; of toxic relationships, of anger, of self-imposed limitations. The record prickles with palpable energy, oscillating between agitation and exhilaration. Daring to seek freedom, from the myriad demons that plague […]

Hailing from St. Louis, MO., Percy Backwaters releases ‘Why Can’t you Love me ?’

Born of the isolation stemming from the pandemic and hailing from St. Louis, MO., Percy Backwaters has set out to “move blues music forward.” Percy describes his musical style as Progressive Blues, which blends elements of classic Blues with modern production approaches found in Jazz, Hip and Hop, live performance and electronic music. Percy’s influences […]

‘Daydreaming’ from ‘Logan Alexandra’ is a song that will have you thinking of your future and what it holds.

Pop recording artist and songwriter Logan Alexandra has just released her latest single Daydreaming along with a magical music video that will transport viewers into a new world. Daydreaming is an infectious pop record that features Logan Alexandra’s dynamic vocals atop a moving and modern production that will have you tapping along without even realizing […]