Rocky Writer Releases new single ‘Energy True’

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What is the chance that a rising talent in hip hop can combine the rhythm and beats associated with the music genre with old world healing instruments? Pretty good, considering Rocky Writer does just that. She has managed to compose music that is not only unique, but also appealing to a wide range of audiences.

Originally, Rocky Writer had trouble figuring out ways to incorporate healing instruments into her music. She had always toyed with the idea of including them in her songs and through consistent listening to her songs and experimentation with different instruments she managed to pull it off and create her signature style.

She uses instruments like Crystal Singing Bowls and Tibetan Singing Bowls which have a strong impact on her most recent single, Energy True. These instruments are considered to be healing instruments serenade the listener in the song, which she refers to as a “hood love song.” In addition to the instruments, the song is also tuned to an earth-tone frequency of 432 hertz. In addition, she uses the notes from a Crystal Healing Pyramid used frequently for emotional balance and meditation.

Rocky Writer’s music draws inspirations from all around the globe, despite growing up in East Orange, New Jersey. With immigrant parents from Trinidad and Tobago, her music is influenced by her heritage as well and is a fantastic example of how she has maximized hip hop’s versatility.

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