DAMAG3, a rising LGBT artist and their new hit- ‘What Happened” the realist song ever

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Have you ever wondered how you’ve ended up in the position you are? How do you think of achieving so much and ending up doing just the opposite? In addition, how does life just happen? Everyone has gone through depression at one point in life. Some must have spoken up about it and healed, while others stayed quiet and are still struggling.

Moreover, everyone struggles! No one’s life is perfect and so tells the song “What Happen3d” by your new favorite artists Damag3 and Pertinence.

Saying it for All

The New Orleans start, Damag3 has been very open about their life and struggles. The rising hip-hopper was once hiding from their own shadow, had no one to talk to, and knew nothing where life would take them.

Nevertheless, one day, life happened while they struggled and struggled to get here. Damag3’s songs are a reality check for anyone who is not able to realize that life is all about struggles. Moreover, their songs speak for people who can never voice their thoughts and ideas, people like those belonging to the LGBT community who had a tough time standing up to their harassers and developing faith in themselves.

“What Happen3d” is a song by two wonderful artists that are set to tell you all about life that life happens, and when it happens, everything changes! And rather than pondering over what happen3d and why it happened, gather all your courage and might to achieve what you always wanted to.

What Happen3d to You

It has been a long time since fans have been waiting for a new song from Damag3, a song that is sure to be the most melodious and meaningful. Hence, the wait is over! “What Happen3d”is an original melody that talks about life and why and how it happened. It talks about struggles that everyone lives with.

The song contains fabulous tunes and meaningful lyrics all blending into a beautiful musical harmony that is sure to hit you hard. The song is not just for an individual or a community. Rather, it is for everyone who has struggled in life and is struggling.

It does not take much time for life to happen and when it happens, you are left wondering what happened. Thus, if you have been having a hard time understanding your emotions, Damag3 and Pertinence’s new song will speak to you and for you.

It is one of those songs that you can listen to over a cup of coffee/tea while sitting comfortably in your favorite corner of the room and looking outside the window. “What Happen3d “is one song that will make you think about where you were before, what you wanted to do and what has happened now.

The song is a true reflection of life, its realities, and hardships and hence is bound to connect with you. If you have been waiting for Damag3’s and Pertinence’s new release, this song is surely not going to disappoint you and will get you hooked to it within the first few minutes.

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