INTERVIEW: Singer/songwriter ‘Suzic’ releases incredible new single ‘My Life’ and talks to Musichitbox in this exclusive interview

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Where are you based ?

I am based in Ireland.

What inspired you to start a career in music ?

What inspired me to start writing music was my pure love for it, and i grew up listening to artists Like George Michael who I Loved very much and just wanted to write songs like he did powerful and meaningful.

What genre would you describe your music as, and what albums have you worked on ?

The Genres i write are Electronic, Dance, Hip hop/rap, Easy Listening and Pop, Country/Pop, so across many gernres, the albums i have done are The Flow Of Life, Classic Dreams and Worlds Apart Ep.

Tell us about your big hit single ‘My Life’? What is it about ?

My Life is inspired about my own struggles and fears with my music and how hard it was trying to get a break with it and my relationship with my father who did not support me with my music. so wanted to write a song which would help me heal. and inspire other people who have struggled too.

Are you signed or unsigned and does that affect your musical career and progress ?

No I am a Independent Artist, not signed to any label, i have collaborated on a few song with a Dj Artist in Germany who has had a release released with a label in south Africa, that was out on the 5th Of November, another release will be out in January 14th from him via label which we collaborated on. so i like been free to be independent but collaborating with artists who release with a label.

Who are your ideal musical infuences ?

musical influences are Calvin Harris, Eminem, Avicii, George Michael, Michael Jackson, Enya, and Adele

If you could record a duet with any artist alive or dead, who would it be ?

I would record with Michael Jackson, Loved him and so inspired by him and also George Michael.

Tell us about your songwriting and recording process ? where have you record your music ?

I mainly work with online studios here in Ireland and abroad and also done some recording in my home town which is Waterford in a studio run by Tom Moorhouse

What is your favorite instrument ?

My Fave Instrument is Piano

What do you do in a typical day in your life?

A typical day in my life would be i get up and usually go for a walk, and then get down do work with my music which would be creative, checking messages, promotion etc. and i love to chill out in the evenings watching television, reading and also watching movies.

You live in Ireland, what is the music scene like over there?

The Music Scene is ireland is quite small, so i dont really do anything here in Ireland, My Music is promoted abroad and that is where i focus my efforts on.

What’s your next release ?

My Next Release will be song called Heaven which i collaborated on with a London Based Rapper called Ultra_eko. so looking forward to that, and also at some stage in the new year i will release an album with my best songs.

Where can we find you online ?

My artists profiles on spotify are




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