MHBOX BEST NEW ALBUM ALERTS OF 2020: ‘Chapell’ releases a beautiful, melodic album entitled “Penultimate” with it’s powerful song-writing and warm epic productions

We have the distinct pleasure to announce that NYC based Rock singer, and songwriter Alan Chapell and his band Chapell shows his latest album “Penultimate,” today on Nuevo Culture. The song is a laid back summer anthem, featuring the magical electronic guitar presence thanks to Alan Chapell’s innate abilities at translating his emotions and messages […]

MHBOX HIP-HOP MASTERS 2020 INTERVIEW: ‘Vic Shadez’ and ‘Soulution’ met up with Musichitbox UK for a big talk about their mammoth album ‘Zenith’

What’s your latest release? Title, concept description? ZENITH  – it’s a joint effort of Vic Shadez and Soulution. Touching topics normally not mentioned in rap music. What’s the title of your previous releases and year of release? Vic shadez=uncontaminated in 2017 Soulution=10,000 hours in 2018 Have you guys won any awards? Vic shadez won the […]