MHBOX BEST NEW ALBUM ALERTS OF 2020: ‘Chapell’ releases a beautiful, melodic album entitled “Penultimate” with it’s powerful song-writing and warm epic productions

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We have the distinct pleasure to announce that NYC based Rock singer, and songwriter Alan Chapell and his band Chapell shows his latest album “Penultimate,” today on Nuevo Culture.

The song is a laid back summer anthem, featuring the magical electronic guitar presence thanks to Alan Chapell’s innate abilities at translating his emotions and messages through his instrument.

Alan Chapell is a unique character – even by quirky the standards of the West Village, NYC. The product of years of traveling the world, honing his craft, and moving through several musical genres, Chapell’s lush sonic pallet falls somewhere between the progressive pop-rock of Bryan Ferry and pre-indie rock nuance of 10,000 Maniacs.

CHAPELL’s newest LP, Penultimate, is the closest he’s come to bridging his innate musicality with the perspective gained wading neck-deep through the rise and fall of the Internet age. Chapell’s music evokes the naïve optimism of the early Internet age and juxtaposes that with the more current reality as we approach constant surveillance. “Ride,” the first song on Penultimate, somehow manages to be both optimistic and dark – asking “if you’re hanging on just long enough to watch it all burn down.”

Similarly, in “I am Zuck” Chapell parodies the never-gonna-happen confession of Mark Zuckerberg – at times using Zuck’s own words to take him down. And if you’ve paid any attention at all to what’s currently taking place in the tiny Central American country of Nicaragua, you’ll find “Sandinista” to be nothing short of chilling.

”Penultimate” is definitely one of the most subtle productions we’ve heard in a while, with a heavy dose of emotions performed with utmost grace by BlueWoods.

Chapell - Penultimate


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