MHBOX HIP-HOP MASTERS 2020 INTERVIEW: ‘Vic Shadez’ and ‘Soulution’ met up with Musichitbox UK for a big talk about their mammoth album ‘Zenith’

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What’s your latest release? Title, concept description?

ZENITH  – it’s a joint effort of Vic Shadez and Soulution. Touching topics normally not mentioned in rap music.

What’s the title of your previous releases and year of release?

Vic shadez=uncontaminated in 2017
Soulution=10,000 hours in 2018

Have you guys won any awards?

Vic shadez won the lyricist of the year at the hiphop junkie awards 2016.

What are your shows like?


Who do people say yall sound like?

No one in particular. but they say we have an authentic hip-hop sound.

Vic Shadez and Soulution drop their radical, inventive and dope ‘Zenith’ album, proving that  Hip Hop is alive and well, as it’s heart beats stronger everyday.

Thanks to artists such as VIC SHADEZ and SOULUTION, who along with GO-ILLA are the life blood of this thing we call hip hop.

The under current, the subconscious energy that is the driving force.

‘Zenith’ is not just an album, but an epic and cinematic journey into sound, experimentation and hip-hop roots.

The production is mammoth and dreamy and meanders and changes under an efficient and direct rap and spit.

Is this Cinematic Trap ? The Pink Floyd of Hip-Hop ? It’s the blockbuster sound of the real 2020 Hip-Hop scene.  

Running parallel behind the consciousness of the everyday mainstream assembly line of today’s music.

After the underground success of VIC SHADEZ hard hitting album ‘UNCONTAMINATED’

and ‘CON-SCIENCE’S (soulution*sosick )10,000 HOURS album.

SHADEZ and SOULUTION creep from the shadows to bring you the mammoth album entitled ‘ZENITH’.

It’s a revolutionary sound, that’s sure to shake the foundation  of the boombap construct … buckle up!!

zenith cover 1


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