MHBOX’s OFFICIAL UK NO 1 LOCKDOWN ANTHEM: Sensational and inspiring Irish rock star ‘Dar.Ra’ unleashes the song that ‘Ozzy’ should have written in this crisis with the grand, epic appeal of ‘Stand Up For The Heroes’

Extraordinary times requires the same extraordinary efforts to equalise the situation and none more so has been exemplified by the Keyworkers around the world. While we all in our own small ways did our bit to ease the pressure on our health infrastructures, it seems incomparable to the front line staff who in many cases […]

MHBOX GLOBAL NEWS SPOTLIGHT: One of South Africa’s largest print Management companies, ‘Complete Print’, join the fight against Covid-19 by producing high volume special ‘Barrier Face Masks’

The president of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa has been praised all around the world for his sharp, decisive and quick action in dealing with the Covid-19 outbreak. Nationwide South African Lockdown was enforced very swiftly in South Africa and it has now been announced that Face Masks may become compulsory. The announcement has ramped up […]