MHBOX BEST NEW FEMALE ARTISTS: ‘Erene Mastrangeli’ releases a treasure of a single with her profound lyrics, beautiful piano and melodic vocals that meander in a ‘Kate Bush’ arena on ‘We Are Treasures’

Singer/Songwriter Erene Mastrangeli releases a powerful and emotional new song, “We Are Treasures” We Are Treasures is a miracle song. One of those songs that comes through like a lighting bolt. Written while recording her new album in Rome, the idea came to her from an experience she lived through while witnessing two family members […]

Written with master lyricist and songwriter ‘Brad Roberts’ of the Crash Test Dummies, ‘Erene Mastrangeli’ releases a magical single with ‘Let’s Take It Slow’

Singer/songwriter Erene Mastrangeli releases new single “Let’s Take It Slow” to radio and all digital platforms. Soothing and cinematic, Erene’s beautiful new single “Let’s Take It Slow” will take you on a journey through Tuscan country roads and Roman sunsets with its captivating melodies and dreamy arrangements. Erene’s first single off her new album LOVE, […]