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Sibusiso Sithole, AKA Sparzito is the newest signing to local record label Waveform Pro.

His Debut single ’99’ is taken off his EP ‘New Age’. 99 is a hook driven Kwaito single that delivers.

99 singles small
Towards the last quarter of 2015 Sparzito was approached by Waveform Pro to pursue his solo career after his amazing performance on a collaboration with local pop dance singer Obikay on ‘Shake it up’.

At a young age Sparzito was highly influenced by legends such as Tkzee, Zonke, KO, Brown Dash & Spikiri and after high school Sparzito worked with various artists around Soweto in order to perfect his craft by writing & recording over 70 hip hop titles under a crew called CLIQ.

99 is a tour de force into the world of Kwaito infused Hip Hop and is set to place Sparzito firmly on the local stage.


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