Singer/songwriter ‘Keili Fernando’ releases the music video for ‘Before I Reminisce’ the third track off her debut EP “411”

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Singer-songwriter Keili Fernando released the music video for the third track of her debut EP “411”. With picturesque lyrics and melodic instrumentals, the song “Before I Reminisce” tells a storyline that many can relate to, the story of loss and the need to continue moving forward.

Keili’s vibrant vocals sit atop an organic production. In the video, she goes through her day, and she is reminded of the past. She says, “My character has writer’s block because she is mentally and emotionally stuck in a moment in time. After coming to terms and seeking the bravery to keep moving forward, she breaks through her writer’s block and is able to finally reach closure.”

Dealing with the past is something that everyone can relate to, and Keili tackles this situation head-on in the video that she executive produced under her production company, KLiF Productions, LLC, in partnership with Spirinity Productions.

She hopes that listeners can find comfort in the song and realize that there are so many opportunities that life has to offer.
She says, “I really do believe in the saying, ‘when one door closes, another one opens.’ It might not be in the same area of your life but that’s okay.

For my character in the video, she found solace in music and was able to record a song. Not too shabby…”

Overall, “Before I Reminisce” is a powerful reminder that everyone feels stuck in the past at times, but it is always possible to push through and look to a brighter future.

Keili hopes that listeners will find empathy in the song and spread the message far and wide.


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