Reprise – EP – The Coronas

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An Irish rock band that first came together under a different name (Kiros) and with some different members, the Coronas first hit the Dublin rock scene in late 2003, playing many of the top venues in the Irish metropolis. The original band, that is to say Kiros, came together when its four members — all 15 years of age — were still in school. The band played smaller venues, but the chemistry didn’t last, and within three years the roster and name had been changed, first to Corona — but that would have to be changed due to an Italian dance-pop outfit already using that particular moniker — and finally to the Coronas. A live CD (Live in the Voodoo Lounge) caused enough of a buzz around town to justify the band’s recording a debut EP, titled simply Corona EP, which was released in 2005. The Coronas’ debut full-length, Heroes or Ghosts, was released in 2007. ~ Chris True

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