‘LuxTorture’ drops deep lyrics on hot new release ‘Angel and Devil’

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LuxTorture’s newest song, “Angel and Devil” is an R&B hit that you can’t help but vibe to. This young artist has everything it takes to rise to the top of the rap game. Don’t take our word for it– “Angel and Devil” proves it.

“Angel and Devil” hits you deep. This slow tempo song starts with a low-key synthesizer instrumental. About 20 seconds in, the beat comes in along with beautiful female vocal harmonies. LuxTorture jumps in the track at the one-minute mark and drops deep lyrics. This vibey love song hooks you in and takes you on a journey.

Listen to LuxTorture’s “Angel and Devil” right now:

When asked about “Angel and Devil” in an exclusive interview, LuxTorture reveals: “Its a R&B/rap song. It’s a vibey love song. I think it’s the best song I’ve ever done.”

LuxTorture has a big heart and cares deeply for his fans and listeners. When asked what his goal is for “Angel and Devil”, LuxTorture noted:

“I want this song to be listened to by the people who feel the same way as I explained in this song…I see myself as an artist who will help people and show them they are not alone with my vibey different songs and reach deep in their soul with my music.”

There is no doubt LuxTorture accomplishes this with “Angel and Devil”.

When asked about his influences as an artist, LuxTorture states: “I was inspired by XXXTentacion. The things he did for the other people when he died–I just want to continue what he did I am trying to reach more people with my music. I’m trying to show them they are not alone with the problems they are dealing with.”

Other than his talent and big heart, LuxTorture has the hustle mentality it takes to be a success:

“I started in the industry by myself. I made a home studio, recorded myself and got it mixed on Fiverr. I wanna be more known in the music industry.”

“Angel and Devil” is a must listen to song that’s available on YouTube, Spotify and SoundCloud.

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