‘Intelligent Diva’ is back with pure rock power on her latest E.P ‘Stop Calling Me’ featuring new single ‘Stop Calling Me’

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Intelligent Diva has released her latest ep “ Stop Calling  Me’, which features her latest single ‘Stop Calling Me’ which is currently #15 on the Top 50 Rock Airplay Chart. She’s a music artist who believes in diversity in her music and writes and performs music as a passion. Her Ep starts off with leading a skit of where she plays a DJ. Intelligent Diva tells us when she was a kid, she had a passion for listening to records.  She and her friends would come up with their own remixes to their favorite songs.  As a music artist, she gives credit to radio for getting her music heard across the county. She got her first big break in the UK and wanted to cross over with grabbing an audience in the US.

In alignment of arranging skits for her Ep, she decided that she would tell her story and release it as a musical audio book. Once she releases her musical audio book, the music artist says she will take a break to focus on digital products which will include her music. The artist tells us her favorite song is off the ep is “Pain.

She’s definitely a music artist who doesn’t want to be kept inside of a box and has constantly delivered this with her music. As a music she artist she appreciates all of the support she has received as she continues to enjoy making music.


You can check out her Ep Stop Calling Me on all streaming platforms. If you would like to check out a preview of the Ep, you can check out the singles on apple music:





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