Wrong or Right- The Song for the Broken Hearts

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How often do you fight with your partner? Who says sorry first? Are your fights big enough to take charge over the relationship, which ended up in a break-up? If you have faced heartache recently then 144 Troy’s latest release, Wrong or Right is meant for you!

It is Hard to Talk About Heart Break

Troy has been winning hearts with his beautiful compositions. His larger-than-life music is meaningful, and hence, has allowed him to create an unexplainable bond with his fans. 

And to live up to his reputation, Troy is soon going to release another one of his brilliant works, Wrong or Right. This song is for the broken hearts, speaking up for people who have suffered in relationships because despite being the right one, they were blamed to be wrong.

This song is for all those couples who fight over the smallest of issues, making it a matter of their ego and never letting it go. In between all that suffers is their love, their feelings, and their bond. Troy knew who difficult it is to come to terms with an abusive partner or lose someone you loved over smoothing so small.

The world has always spoken up for love but never for heartbreaks and so, 144 Troy wanted the youngsters to know, that he understands! Even if you cannot speak up about it, this song will speak for you.

Wrong or Right, a relationship can make or break over these two words. Hence, the song tells you no matter how many times you’ve thought yourself to be right and blamed others to be wrong, it could have been the opposite.

Letting It Go

Troy has always worked around bonding with his audience. He has cleverly mastered all the genres and this is what makes him stand out. This young lad has always tried his best to live up to your expectations and hence, his new song Wrong or Right is nothing short of brilliance.

This song is about modern era couples who think love is a dictatorship, for him a relationship is only meaningful until their needs are being fulfilled and for youngsters who think abusing and taking abuse is okay.

144 Troy wants you to know that it is okay to fight, but sometimes you need to accept that you can be wrong for the sake of your love. The song is curated using cleverly written lyrics and soothing music, transporting you to another world where you get in touch with yourself and understand what you have gained or lost with our relationship.

Wrong or Right is a strong composition that lets you express your emotions to the world without you having to move a lip. It soothes broken hearts and encourages you to move on because it is always better to leave an abusive relationship than to keep hanging with it. Remember, broken hearts can be healed especially through Troy’s music so prepare for the exciting new release.


Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7IYhfS7RwSk
Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/artist/6aeLpQQDnwadWztxDIY74h?si=a39ii2_3TyaBkE_i_hqzFg

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