Christian Family Atmosphere – Cheap Trophies – Review 9/10

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‘Cheap Trophies’ is a new E.P from ‘Christian Family Atmosphere’ that takes you on an epic and atmospheric journey through sound. It’s experimental and radical while conjuring up images of outer space and a smoke filled room full of synths, tangled wires and two electronic musical geniuses with some robots thrown in for good measure. The synths sound modern and up to date, but there are also some lovely analogue synth ode’s to Tangerine Dream and Vangelis while staying completely out there and experimental. It’s sort of chill out, but not the world music meditation type of chill out. This stuff actually gets your brain rewired and thinking and it’s sort of like The Prodigy on Valium and something else, fantastic ! We give it a dreamy 9/10. 


Christian Family Atmosphere are an electronic music duo based in South London and consisting of Josh Spencer and Billy Pleasant.

Their unique sound is a blend of keyboards & drums playing surging riffs scored to a video backdrop of Avant-Garde cinema clips and re-contextualised social media posts.

Band member Josh Spencer was the former guitarist from ‘Oh Ye Denver Birds’ and Billy Pleasant former drummer for ‘The Brian Jonestown Massacre’.

Christian Family Atmosphere will be performing live in London(UK) at Electrolights AV on 15 August 2018.

Their brand new release the ‘Cheap Trophies EP’ was self produced at their very own South London studio, CFA Studios in Peckham.

CFA Cheap Trophies EP

The latest single to be taken off the ‘Cheap Trophies’ E.P is entitled ‘Coaxial Flutter’.

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