“Who We Are” is the new single from ‘Toby Callum’ together with German artist ‘Trafoier’

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Due to his bouncing originals and remixes, Toby Callum has become the newest household name for Slap House and EDM fans. His explosive dance sound is easily recognizable in just about any of his tracks. He manages to mix catchiness with dynamic builds to make every drop overflow with energy.

His track “Who We Are” together with German artist Trafoier is a perfect example of this. The song opens with snappy synths and builds into an explosive and complex drop filled with synths, beats, and vocal distortion layers.

With “Who We Are,” Callum brings forward a different side of his artistry. The track opens with a deep slap house rhythm that feels more like an EDM one, along with a simplistic beat and a darker toe. There is also something eerie about the track’s sound: the accompanying synth makes the melody feel uniquely melancholy. After the drop hits, it is anything but fiery.

Callum and Trafoier’s track maintains a refreshing feel due to the catchy vocals that provide the song an extra oompah. It also has a bouncy rhythm that matches the intensity of tremulous beats.

Known for his unique production style and versatility, Callum is quickly earning a reputation as one of the most forward-thinking and fresh faces within the dance music scene.

Toby Callum is an upcoming EDM artist, and DJ who mixes fresh future house sounds with various EDM styles. In 2020, he decided to leave his home country, Germany, and moved to the Netherlands to study music production.

In just a short period of time, he started releasing his own music in one of the major and biggest EDM labels, which is Revealed Recordings. “I hope this new track li6s everyone’s spirit a li:le bit in these difficult times,” said Callum.

Trafoier is a German DJ and producer as well as a songwriter. Learning drums at the age of three and playing gigs in a pop-punk band as a teen gave him an understanding of underlying rhythms in dance-pop music. The style of his track is a combination of tropical and deep house.

Overall, “Who We Are” is a highly dynamic track by Toby Callum that will cast a spell on slap house fans out there. The song is issued by LithuaniaHQ, one of the town’s largest slap house labels. They released one of the biggest slap house songs of all time, which was Dynoro’s “In My Mind.”

Thanks to Callum’s irresistible cadences and melting vocals, the song is a lit track that adds a mesmerizing effect to the entire atmosphere. The appealing melodies and riveting riffs will hook anyone in their expressive reverie.

You can find Toby Callums, “Who We Are” here.




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