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South African Singer Songwriter Tim Hendricks releases his brand new album ‘Contemplating Change’ and works as Music Composer / Producer for South African movie ‘The Jakes Are Missing’.


The second single ‘Here With Me’ features Ross Learmonth of Prime Circle Fame, and Christina Rodo from Groove Battery

Tim Hendricks (33) is a dynamic South African pop-rock musician who certainly hasn’t found the time to gather any moss. Based between Johannesburg and Los Angeles, he has been extremely active on both music fronts. From humble beginnings in P.E. working at a shop selling musical instruments, he has worked his way into the inner circles of the who’s who in the international entertainment industry, rubbing shoulders with Hollywood hot shots and playing in both Joburg and L.A.’s most prestigious clubs.

Contemplating Change has been getting rave reviews from local press. 
HENDRICKS CHANGES HIS TUNE-‘It’s a work of virtuoso variety, ranging from the rocking (Upside Down) to the heart wrenching (Oxygen), with plenty of driving beats and a complex, multilayered production’ (Mail&Gaurdian by Shaun De Waal).

TIME TO CHANGE-‘Expect to hear a magic mixture of lounge, salsa and jazz being led by Hendricks’ sublime acoustic guitar playing’ (City Buzz July 2015 Front Cover by Victoria Taylor)

Not only enjoying the fruits of his new album release, Tim Has been working as music composer and Music producer for the Local movie THE JAKES ARE MISSING with Music Supervisor Gregory Mthanji. They are also using 2 singles from Tim’s album ‘Contemplating Change’ and ‘Shadow Of Your Imagination’.

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