Powerful Comeback: ‘The Disciple’ Drops Thought-Provoking Political Rap Anthem ‘Bottom of Society’.

Political Hip Hop Emcee Oliver Pulfer, known by his stage name The Disciple, makes a powerful comeback with his latest release, a thought-provoking rap song titled “Bottom of Society.” This hard-hitting track delves into politically charged themes and sheds light on the struggles faced by marginalized communities worldwide. Born in 1988, in Bern, Switzerland, Oliver […]

Review: Oliver Pulfer AKA The Disciple – ‘Metaphysical Disorder’.

Oliver Pulfer AKA The Disciple has just released his brand-new single entitled ‘Metaphysical Disorder‘. This cutting-edge new single features a warm, efficient, powerful and distinctive rap, with a catchy chorus that sticks in your head, and a big dose of reggae vibes. ‘Metaphysical Disorder‘ is a banger musically, but also a hard-hitting lesson in the […]