MUSICHITBOX NEW ROCK HITS OF 2020: ‘Show Whight’ and his Elves have come here to ROCK! and drop a fast, thick and hard rock single with ‘Elf Rock’

The incredible and extraordinary Show Whight is a solo rock n’ roll artist based in Los Angeles, CA.  Show Whight is influenced by legendary hard rock acts like Led Zeppelin, Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath and AC/DC.  The powerful and rock n’ roll new single from Show Whight is entitled ‘Elf Rock’ and was recorded and […]

MHBOX 2020 NEW POP and DANCE: Pop dance artist ‘Olya K’ lets loose an anthemic sing-a-long pop dance song about everyone’s favourite location ‘Hollywood’

Olya K is a versatile and distinctive artist from Bulgaria with extensive stage and touring experience. Olya K was a part of the Nashville music scene and has performed covers and originals in Clubs and stadiums across the globe. After leaving Nashville, Olya K re-located to California, the home of ‘Hollywood’ and the title of […]

After opened up for Ludacris, Jay-Z, Freeway, Peedi Crack, Young Gunners, Dru Hill, Bow Wow and B2K, ‘Texas P’ takes over the South with the rap gem ‘No Promo’

From the outset, Texas P’s single spread for his new release “No Promo” could intently help one to remember what the craftsman Jay-Z would do in his work of art plans. The new single “No Promo” is telling individuals he is a lord! Which totally speaks to the melodious substance of the tune. Texas P’s […]