Ravoshia Shows Off Powerful & Passionate Vocals In The Nostalgic Pop Hit ‘No Love’

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Ravoshia is a hit maker in all that she creates, putting out pure gold,
sensational work.“No Love” the recording artist’s newest single is proof
of yet another heavy weight with it being heard all the way in Africa.
Many people worldwide, including her fans are loving the record thus far
as we are in a new year.

Here in the United Kingdom we have been showing Ravoshia tons of
notoriety starting with her hit single Fashion Killa which made an
extreme amount of noise last year. The recording artist shows off more
vocal range in No Love and I wonder if the song deals with Ravoshia’s
own love and heartbreak experiences as I’m sure most will wonder the
same. Some of the lyrics hint that could be the case, especially in her
second verse as it goes…

“Back when my heart loved I gave all of me
To someone who betrayed me
Loved and cried so deeply
Feels like my heart was ripped apart
Feels like I was stabbed in the heart”

Stream it here:

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