Posharay is a passionate rapper who blends melodic harmonies, storytelling, African drums, smooth guitar and more; he will be releasing anew single called ‘You Don’t Love Me’

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Posharay is a passionate raw rapper who blends melodic harmonies, Storytelling, African drums, Smooth Guitar and more in his music.

His new single from his upcoming album entitled SIAKA is called ‘You Don’t Love Me’

“Music is my way of communicating experiences we share but sometimes refuse to express due being viewed as weak. Especially when it comes to males and emotions.” says the rapper

This song is all about a relationship experience with a women who changes throughout the relationship, and as the male addresses these changes the women claims nothing is wrong yet her actions speak differently. This leads to the conclusion of the males feeling as though the women doesn’t love him anymore. The male details the vision, plans and love he still has for this women.

The best way to understand the narrative is to listen to the track.

Track is unreleased and will be released 4/10/2021

Pre-save link here: https://ffm.to/4m1e0xg

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