Native Highway – Interview and video for new single ‘Doorway’

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Native Highway are a 4 piece Alternative rock band from south London.

Having been a full band for only a year, they are now ready to start releasing material. Their debut single ‘Doorway’ has already been played on Kerrang’s ‘Fresh Blood’ Radio show for number of weeks. With a number of great tracks in the bank, they are set for a good year.

The full line up consists of:

Pun Yingviriya – Vocals/Guitar
Arthur Becker – Guitar
Bruno Pinto – Bass Kevin Smith – Drums

A friendship blossomed from what started as guitar teaching work colleagues. In between lessons Pun and Arthur started exchanging ideas, this then developed into a 3 piece band with Arthur’s cousin Bruno on the bass.

What started as a side project for a few years, later became a serious outlet for music. They were then on the hunt for the drummer to fit the band, and that’s where Kevin come in.

“They have their own brand of Grunge Rock, sung through gritted teeth. It’s immersive, it’s expressive, it’s emotional music. If you love this every bit as much as I do, you’re well on your way to discovering a new favourite.” Alex Baker – Kerrang Radio.


The new single ‘Doorway’ is out now with distribution from Universal Music Operations.


MHBox met up with NH for an interview and the results can be seen below:

What’s your sound  ?

Heart-felt, emotional Rock.

What is your new single ‘Doorway’ about  ?

Doorway is about how you overcome hurdles in life, when one doorway is closed another is opened. It’s not always about finding solutions to your problems, sometimes they are always there and you have to accept them.

What inspired you to start a career in music ?

Music has always been a big part of our lives from a young age, nothing quite feels the same as picking up a guitar and writing a song.

What are your top tracks/artists of all time ?

A few of our favourite artists of all time that have inspired us: Jeff Buckley, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana and The Clash

Tell us about your creative process ? Who writes and produces your material ? 

Most of the tracks have been written by Pun and Arthur sitting in Puns flat above his dad’s restaurant. We then all come together with our input on the track and practice there, it’s a comfortable intimate space that creates a nice atmosphere for writing and recording.


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