MHBOX TOP QUALITY ALBUMS OF 2020: ‘Radio Free Universe’ deliver a ‘Maroon 5’ meets ‘Crowded House jamming with ‘The Feeling’ type vibe and outstanding, epic song writing on melodic new album ‘Love’

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“In a cookie-cutter world where nothing seems to be original anymore, it’s refreshing to find a band like Radio Free Universe.” -The Band Camp Diaries

Radio Free Universe’s latest set of songs garner rave reviews.

Their new album LOVE was written and produced by musical partners producer and songwriter Mark McMaster and producer, songwriter, and singer George Panagopoulos at Sanctuary Recording Studio.

“Radio Free Universe brings new fresh sounds and spreads LOVE”—Subba Cultcha.

With a genre-inclusive style, the Hamilton, ON quintet emit an inimitable and irresistible frequency tuned in to rock, alternative, funk, and pop all at once.

“Love manages to encompass musical diversity while adopting musical essence and nostalgia, only with a more modern approach” – I’m Music Magazine.

The album opener “Love Right Now” showcases their range and style.

A psychedelic charm embodies the wistful “Star Child”.

Circle” delivers a delicate homage to eternal love as the layers of sound intermingle in a gentle and soothing way.

‘Love’ shapes up to be a fresh and irresistible blend with a contemporary sound, with which Radio Free Universe promises to transmit all the richness of their creative approach, ranging from rock to alternative, from funk to pop.” — Nova Music


‘MHBOX TOP QUALITY ALBUMS OF 2020: ‘Radio Free Universe’ deliver a ‘Maroon 5’ meets ‘Crowded House type vibe with outstanding epic song writing on melodic new album ‘Love’ – MHBOX UK Musichitbox

The groove-filled “She’s High Again” features a painful narrative of loving and leaving an addict, and “Even Angels” soars in pitch-perfect fashion. A celebration of togetherness rests at the heart of the hopeful “Divided We Will Fall,” and featuring tremendous swagger, the album comes to a close with “Sleep Will Come”.

Radio Free Universe has a personality of their own, which is evident not just in their lyrics but also in the music itself. It has a radio wave frequency that fluctuates from high to low phases – from intense to slow to soft. Ethereal guitar and a steady beat give way to falsetto-punctuated verses from Panagopoulos.”

Radio Free Universe LIVE

The band plans to tour as soon as possible. Until then you can stay-up to date at:


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