MHBOX POP GEMS: ‘Zara Desai’ is back as she dances with ‘Planetary Wonder’ on groovy, soulful and poptastic new vibrant drop ‘On Point’

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Too often in our modern society, we focus on the infantile nature of children and associate youth with bad decisions, zits and insecurity. We forget that youth is by far the most creative and prodigious period in any human being’s life. And as such, we should not be looking for moody teenagers, but for child prodigies among our young.

Luckily for us, one such prodigy comes to us unbidden and opens our eyes to all the greatness a young person has to offer. That’s right, we’re talking about 13-year-old musician Zara Desai, who has recently released her debut album.

The daughter of acclaimed music producer Kenz Desai, Zara knew early on that music was her passion. Felt it in her bones, one might say, and started composing songs with her father at the precocious age of five.

Now, less than ten years later, she is ready to take the world by storm. Her album, entitled simply “On Point”, is comprised of only two tracks, but what tracks they are! A veritable exercise in energy, the both of them. Truly a testament to that incomparable energy for things that you have in your youth. Though of course, what matters is knowing how to channel that energy, and Zara does so superbly here.

The first track, “Planetary Wonder”, hits you right away with a blast of synth perfection, carefully arranged to fit Zara’s melodic and emotional voice. It’s a great tune to dance to, but it’s also quite a meaningful piece, once you get down to listen to the lyrics. Yes, it’s a club banger, but a delightful and heartfelt banger, which shows us Zara’s songwriting skill.

MHBOX POP GEMS: ‘Zara Desai’ is back as she dances with ‘Planetary Wonder’ on groovy, soulful and poptastic new vibrant drop ‘On Point’ – MHBOX

This is furthermore highlighted in the next track, “Deep South”. While also a great synth piece created with her father, well-versed in producing quality music, “Deep South” gives you a glimpse into what it’s like to be a young artist.

And let me give you a hint – it ain’t easy. “Working hard seven days a week”, as Zara tells us. Through “Deep South”, we get to see the ambition that is essential to any aspiring artist. It’s a highly relatable piece, because we all have some of that ambition within ourselves. And what can I say, hearing it on such a catchy rhythm, well, that just makes us like the track even more!

For a demonstration of the great things people can do (regardless of age), I highly suggest that you give Zara Desai a listen!



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