MHBOX DEEP GROOVES: ‘Luca Draccar’ is back with a ‘Flamboyant’ deep house EP

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DJ and producer Luca Draccar has put together a fabulous musical voyage of interdimensional grooves and post-modern musings with the release of his new EP Flamboyant. As its title suggests, this 3-track journey is filled with themes of joy, despair, and triumph as told through a blend of instrumentation and programmed rhythms.

Flamboyant begins with Birba. The upbeat and mystical movements this crafty track manages to transform into an eclectic experience is neutral in its deliverance of a traditional house music sound. Luca Draccar’s astute production encompasses methods of painting visuals upon the mind of the listener with an array of filtered synth, and an endearing dialogue of electronica virtuoso. Birba opens the door to what would prove to be one of Luca Draccar’s most masterful works.

Every Exit Is An Entrance is a mind-bending groove that adds another gem of continuity to the Flamboyant thesis. The track introduces us to a cinematic backdrop and pulsating crescendo.

Every Exit Is An Entrance opens with a variable of drum sequence before moving into sophisticated drum patterns and other modern symphonic expressions.

The Flamboyant EP concludes with the ambitious strivings of Never Settle. Probably the EP’s most cynical offering. The track opens with a splash into a transiting world led by its textural bassline and exhilarating drum sounds.

Never Settle pulls the listener into a high-speed sonic chase of melody and shadows. The depth of Never Settle is further enhanced by the artist’s ability to incorporate various elements in and out of the track during different segments.

Never Settle pus the cherry atop of this wonderful production.

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