Mercedez Marie is back as she drops new project ‘The Butterfly Effect’

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After taking over our ear canal with “Frozen.” Mercedez Marie is back with the release of her new project entitled “The Butterfly Effect.”

As an artist, Mercedez Marie has allowed her listeners to be part of her journey. Using her Instagram as direct access for her fans, the viewer is along for the ride in the studio, for sound checks, and even for a few inside meetings with the team.


Watching the development of this project and being able to give feedback along the way has opened the opportunity for the base to feel vested in this project.

When asked what this project means to her, Mercedez Marie has this to say:

“This project is the beginning of my growth as a person and as an artist. I want you guys to go on this journey with me and fly high. “

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Released today, “The Butterfly Effect” is 29 minutes of fun, life, truth, and pure eargasmic pleasure delivered via 9 undeniable tracks. As you press play, you can prepare features from some of your other favs such as Emdubai, Sire, and J. Young to name a few.


As you vibe to each track you find yourself engrossed in the story that each track presents. Diving into the meaning of each song, Mercedez Marie had this to say:

Ish We On
This track is all about lifestyle! Reaching for the finer things in life.

Young Love
Young love is a song about just that. Every girl has experienced that first love that has you feeling hard for that special guy!

Took Advantage
This song is really about giving your all to a guy that isn’t true to you and you’ve had enough and are calling him out.

I know everyone has experience with that crush they have hard feelings for. You freeze up and don’t know how to act.

I’m Done
I want people to know they don’t have to stay in a relationship that’s not worth their time when they listen to this song. Walk away. You’re done for good.

If it wasn’t for you
This song is all about love! Everyone wants to feel that special love with someone else and this song should give my fans that good love feeling.

People have experienced moving around a lot. I know what it’s like to crush hard and vibe with a guy, but I know it can’t go anywhere because I’m going to have to pack up and leave eventually.

I Dance
I love this track. This is all about feeling the music. You can’t help but to get up and dance.

Sumthin Sumthin
I love this song, its about uplifting women and showing them that they are beautiful inside and out. By understanding their true value and being treated like the queen they deserve to be.

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