May Fall Unveils Catchy and Sophisticated Synth-Pop Anthem: ‘Determinist’

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From a tender age of seven, May Fall embarked on an unwavering voyage of self-discovery within the realm of music, all while eschewing formal training.

In the year 2016, after two decades of evolution with his childhood rock band, which eventually metamorphosed into the progressive metal ensemble known as Road to Evenmind, May Fall ventured unexpectedly into the realm of electronic music. This transition was somewhat foreseeable, given his long-standing passion for synthesizers and his deep reverence for the synth legends of the 70s and 80s, spanning from stadium rock to jazz-fusion to mainstream pop.

His debut release introduced the singles “Blind Zone” and “Same Code” both enjoying substantial airplay on numerous radio stations and television channels worldwide, firmly establishing him as an emerging star in the synth-pop scene.

Fast forward to 2023, following the release of the debut album “Overload by his jazz fusion trio, The May Fall Crew, May Fall returns with a fresh single titled “Determinist” from his upcoming EP “Submerge.” This new release has been masterfully mixed by Multi-Platinum producer Yoad Nevo, renowned for his collaborations with luminaries such as Sia, Ed Sheeran, Moby, and Pet Shop Boys.

About “Determinist:

“Determinist” defies easy classification, gracefully straddling the boundaries of indie-pop, electro-alternative, synthwave, and jazz-funk.

This groundbreaking composition blends rhythmic beats, an infectious bassline, aesthetically pleasing synthesizer elements, and ethereal vocal harmonies, weaving a musical tapestry that seamlessly melds intricate musicality with an irresistible melody.

Upon closer examination, you’ll uncover jazzy chord progressions and interwoven synthesizer layers, all ingeniously nestled within an infectious groove. This unique fusion ensures that the song appeals equally to both casual music enthusiasts and discerning connoisseurs.

Lyrically, “Determinist” diverges from the conventional pop song formula. As the title suggests, the song invites listeners to contemplate the profound philosophical question of free will versus determinism, a theme rarely explored in popular music. It challenges the audience to scrutinize the forces that shape their choices, prompting them to ponder whether their decisions were inevitably influenced by preceding events.

In a music landscape often fixated on lighter subjects, “Determinist” stands as a testament to May Fall’s musical prowess and audacious creativity. Much like its thematic depth, the song effortlessly transitions between spirited verses driven by bold synthesizer elements and soothing choruses that float on celestial, space-like pads, occasionally graced by Baroque-inspired piano interludes.

With meticulous artistry, “Determinist” weaves weighty philosophical concepts into finely crafted sonic landscapes, creating an immersive auditory journey that resonates on multiple levels.

“Determinist” is set for release on September 15, 2023, across all major streaming platforms, accompanied by a captivating music video directed by the visionary Adam Oscar.

Photo by Adam Oscar

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