Manchester Rain speak to MHBOX about their new single ‘Manchester Rain’

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Songwriter, artist and producer Manchester Rain finds himself working alone in his sky-lab deep inside the belly of the beats Manchester UK where studio Fort Knox microphones invite the stray sirens and wicked weather to be a part of the music.

A collaboration of haunting sorts, working between Manchester, UK and a reclusive hideaway buried deep inside the French Alps (Bass Camp), Manchester Rain absorbs the two opposing environments and allows them to find their way into the music, environment is everything.

Pop sensibilities anchor urban tinged cross-genre music: big beats  live instruments and vintage synths work together where saxophone meet Moog.

Manchester Rain produces and writes all of his own material and works on the aesthetics of all related film / video and artwork.

Manchester Rain is an independent artist releasing material under record label, Subdust Music.


How would you describe your music ?

I know it’s a cliché… but it truly is a mashup of genres; my musical tastes are varied so I come from a hiphop background but, I’m obsessed with synthwave and 80’s rock. So it all makes its way into the music. In simple terms, I’d say it’s alternative pop.

What is your new single about and where did the inspiration come from ?

The new single, like my artist name; is actually born out of the consistent rain fall that I hear on my studio window… I was getting frustrated by the rain and having to plan ahead; when to record vocals when I just thought; let the rain be a part of the music! There is actual Manchester rain in the background of the song! But of course; I expanded on that; the song both touches on my city and its history, but in a more general sense; being able to get through adversity and head toward that light at the end of the tunnel.

What inspired you to start a career in the music business ?

I’ve actually worked, on and off, in the music industry for a number of years; from major labels to consultancies and everything in between. But musically; its comes from nowhere in particular; just a passion to follow this path.

What are your fave tracks or artists of all time ?

I love Faith No More and their song Stripsearch is a favourite of mine. I also love a more recent band, TesseracT and they have a song called Hexes I really like. Overall; I love my rock; even the cheesy stuff like Def Leppard and then I love my 90’s HipHop; Big Pun, AZ, Nas and that type of thing.

Tell us about your creative process. Who writes and produces your material and what instruments or software do you use in creating your sound ?

I do everything myself. I use the program, Reason, primarily and everything ends up inside Pro Tools. I have to have some element of live instrument in there; even if it’s a subtle touch, so I make that a signature of sorts. Be it sax, or guitar or both!

Does singing come natural to you or did you have lessons ?

No it doesn’t and no I’ve had no lessons! I just mess about, recording and I usually get something that captures the mood just right. I’m no singer; but I get by and I pride myself on one take recordings; so whether I’m raping r singing; I never record multiple takes and then blend them; as easy as it is to do that; I try to make a point of recording a take and keeping the right one, in its entirety.

Where can we find you online ?

My website is: – and I’m on all the usual suspects; so: Facebook, Twitter, etc. Always, always, forward slash Manchester Rain!


Manchester Rain by Manchester Rain is out now at iTunes


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