Interview: ‘Elijah Sommerz’ and ‘B1 The Architect’ on the release of hot new single ‘Doubled Back’

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Elijah Sommerz is a Canadian rapper, entrepreneur, Talent manager, Canadian Afrocentric Human Rights Activist. In recent times, he has achieved fame at a very fast pace. Apart from being a successful entrepreneur, he also advocates for the justice of people of African descent.

B1 The Architect is a hip hop producer and MC that seeks to push the genre to it’s limits and beyond in the pursuit of making something experimental, cinematic and memorable. Production influences include everything from Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails. EL-P, to DJ Shadow, DJ Premier and Madlib. As an MC, B1 seeks to balance complex lyricism with storytelling and emotional heft.


Elijah Sommerz

1. Where Are You Based ?

Currently Located In Toronto , Canada In Transition Mode Of Moving To The United Kingdom!

2. Tell Us About Your New Single ‘Doubled Back’ What Is It About ?

The Debut Single Is About How To Stay Strong And To Remove Doubts Around You As A Hustler!

3. Who Are Your Top Musical Influences ?

My Top 10 Musical Influences Will Have To Be A Rapper From Bay California That Goes By The Name Of The Jacka , Nas , 50cent

4. Tell Us About Your Other Activities Outside Of Music ?

As You Know I’m A Entrepreneur And I’ve Done Working The Past Pertaining Too Human Rights Activism!

5. Tell Us About Your Fascination With Raptors ?

I Just Love The Team ! City Supports The Toronto Raptors And I Also Believe That We Could Win Another Championship Game!

6. Tell Us About Your Success So Far With All Your Ventures ?

Right Now Due To The Covid-19 Global Pandemic The Businesses Are Very Sluggish But Are Making Out!

7. Where Can We Find You Online ?

On Google Widely On Numerous Social Media Platforms!

B1 The Architect

1. What Inspired You To Start A Career As A Music Rapper?

I Have A Passion For It But Mostly I Got Into The Music Industry To Become A Manager But I Noticed That Local Talents Are Stuck At A Certain Level So I Just Decided One Day Just To Manage My Own Career And I Became A Rapper At That Point!

2. Who Are Your Favorite Producers ?

Favourite Producers J Dilla And 9th Wonder

3. What Has It Been Like To Work With B1 The Architect On Your New Single ‘doubled Back’ ?

Experience Was Astonishing I Loved It!

4. What Music Do You Listen To At Home ? Who Are Your Influences ?

I’m Music That I Listen To At Home As A Kid Growing Up Was Mostly Reggae Music And Also Hip-hop!

5. Where Can We Find You Online ?

Band Camp Or You Can Simply Google Me!

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