‘Intelligent Diva’ delivers a gigantic wall of beat driven sound with epic new drop ‘Submit to You’

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Being a single parent is hard. No doubt about it. Only ask single parents, they’ll tell you. Or rather, they’ll roll their eyes and nod in agreement, because no matter how many times they tell you, you won’t actually get how hard it is until you become one yourself.

And talk about single parenting (hey, any type of parenting) and maintaining a healthy, varied sex life. It’s a sad reality that the more responsibilities we gather at our back, be they about raising a family or just a very demanding job, our sexual escapades, so carefree in our youth, begin to take a backseat.


Well, now there’s a song about that. And it’s what everyone who’s too tired for sex has been secretly dreaming about for years. Intelligent Diva’s latest hit single “Submit to You” is just what the doctor ordered, if you’re experiencing some intimacy troubles between you and your partner.

It’s a song by a working single mom for working single moms.

“We cant allow work to take over everything. Sometimes, a little planning and effort to show our partners affection keeps it interesting. So, you hear that in Submit To You,” says Intelligent Diva herself.

It’s a relatable song, but one that doubles as a call to action. It doesn’t let you just sit there and think about how unhappy your life has become or about how you work too much. On the contrary, it tells you to get up and go after what you want. Wondering how you can spice up your intimate life?


‘Intelligent Diva’ delivers a gigantic wall of beat driven sound with epic new drop ‘Submit to You’  – MHBOX UK Musichitbox

Then get up and do something about it. It’s a very action-based song, which makes it really powerful.

People like songs that move them. Not just emotionally, buy physically. Songs that give you the strength and determination to go after something in your life are the best kind of music out there.

“Submit to You” is a highly sexy, highly powerful tune. It gives you fortitude, while at the same time reminding you the importance of play and experimentation. It’s the musical version of ‘have a little fun’.


With a strong, sultry voice and an in your face kind of beat, “Submit to You” turns you on, both physically and mentally. It’s a power tune, if ever we’ve heard on, and it’s a really exciting promise in regards to what Intelligent Diva might offer us in the future.

An artist that can actually move you and convince you to save your marriage can do pretty much anything, don’t you think?




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