Hamburg’s latest FUNK-POP Export

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The fact that new and interesting music projects keep coming from Hamburg is not only known to music lovers. The latest formation around the producer, DJ and synth lover Chris Flyke follows the retro trend and brings an interesting new vibe with colorful depth! Chris just released his new album DIGITAL BUBBLEGUM, that includes the 80s tribute DELOREAN OVERDRIVE, a song that delighted many neon-lovers last summer! He continues on this path on the long player with a cool mix of uptempo New Wave Disco („Big Bubble“, „Invisible Man“, „A Phantom Conversation“), synth-layered Dream Pop („Unpredictable World“, „Oh, Jupiter!“) and well-placed melancholy tunes („Your Hourglass“, „Albatross“) „The era of the early eighties fascinates me! Where nowadays many things only develop after years, at that time the music world developed within weeks, which you can clearly hear, when you compare the appearance of the records.

The Post Punk Era has brought so much new things to the world and made people see the things from completely different angles. I always wanted to combine some styles from that time with the current sound“, says Chris. Chris produced a lot of other artists and deejayed in Hamburg’s most famous clubs for many years, but at some point he felt the need to follow his greatest passion.

In the process of making the record, his live band was created with Julian Neumann on Guitars (Zoe Wees), Kai Weidle on drums (The Lion King Hamburg) and Björn Kröger on Bass (Willow Parlow). You can see the band in several original videos on Chris Flyke’s You Tube Channel. The space video for the title song is well worth seeing!








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