GLOBAL FASHION SPOTLIGHT: 29 year old Fashion entrepreneur ‘Bobo Moko’ from SABC’s Expresso ‘Presenter Search on 3’ talks about his own ‘Moko Originals’ shoe and fashion brand

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Bobo Moko is a 29 year old Fashion entrepreneur from Tembisa, South Africa who was recently seen nationally on TV in South Africa on SABC 3’s Presenter Search on 3.

Bobo Moko says “I am creative, full of zest and very eager to learn. I am strong willed and very much a person of conviction. In 2012, I started a brand called Moko Originals with Nondumiso Dube. This partnership came about like any other ambitious dream and the urge to succeed in the design space”.

Bobo Moko was introduced to Nondumiso, a 43 year old shoe maker from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, by a friend who insisted that they meet. They decided to rent a room in Kaalfontein where Mr. Dube taught Boko Moko everything and they started designing and repairing shoes.

Bobo Moko says “This workshop helped me to learn different skills and build good relations. We bought a sewing machine as a start. The sole purpose of the brand was to create accessories that were not easily accessible anywhere else, shoes cut according to one’s preference and unique quality shoes. Till to date, Moko Originals  allows customers to manoeuvre their own designs so one can literally give details of the type of design they want and I am  always happy to do something different and deliver masterpieces to our customers. I design and make Leather sandals,  earings and belts. The shoes are available per order for now and prices range from R350-R2000 depending on the style of shoe and the type of leather. I  require a 50% upfront deposit and the balance upon the completion of the shoe.  Depending on the workload turnaround time is between 7-14 working days.

Bobo Moko’s business is based in Tembisa but ships anywhere in South Africa as they expand into the Continent and globally.

Through The “Back to School Program” they have repaired school shoes for free because they are firm believers of the saying, “You cannot buy happiness but you can buy shoes and that’s kind of the same thing” because good shoes allow you to walk in the direction of your dreams.

Bobo Moko explains the ways of the business saying “The shortcomings we have had to face are those of machinery because we have been unable to make some designs because we don’t have convenient machinery like the CF 988- Edge folding machine, stitching machine, and a grinding machine. We need working space ,We also haven’t been able to advertise our brand in larger spaces and platforms and we are short staffed and that has also been a major setback especially when there are big orders. We had to pull out on a deal with because of the lack of infrastructure in Production and Administration. We buy Leather offcuts instead of full sheets and that causes a challenge with customers  in an event a customer wants a colour they saw on our social pages but we cant get it anymore because it was a offcut .We create a demand but we cant supply the demand”.

WATCH BOBO MOKO ON SABC 3’S Presenter Search on 3

Shoes have become a major accessory/priority in whatever we choose to wear in these modern days we live in, that’s why many people see the need to wear shoes that are stylish, some wear shoes that are expensive and others prefer wearing shoes that represent who they are, while embracing their African ethnicity at the same time.

Sandals are part of who we are as Africans, we feel more connected to our customs and traditions each and every time we are wearing sandals.

“When something is part of who you are, you can’t really explain why, it’s like a calling” said Bobo Moko.

Moko Originals are currently based in Midrand, but offer shipping anywhere in South Africa.




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