A BETTER PLACE from Singer Trumpeter David Longoria

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David Longoria brings some of his career best work here with this jazz album. The theme is doing things that can make the world better.  

The first song runs wild with that theme in a very catchy jazz tune that showcases some of the best trumpet solo work you’ll hear this generation. That bold statement is backed up by David’s virtuoso abilities blended with a perfect storm of exciting music changing tempo and key bringing solo challenges. he rises to the occasion and delivers a solo that trumpet players will no doubt strive to memorize and recreate, if they can.  

I love to improvise on my trumpet in whatever the style is,” David explains, adding it keeps things fresh and interesting for me 

With other beautiful original songs including a jazz ballad called Dont Let Another Mother Cry, Terra Pax, Precious Innocence and Look To The Sun, David shows his unique ability to create powerful lyrics, very memorable melodies and creative designs and delivery. To round things out, he pulled in a couple of iconic standards in the jazz world. His version of the trumpet players must do song I Cant Get Started shows how powerful he is as a singer and trumpeter in the same song, keeping both performances in a melancholy vibe throughout the song.  

David is joined by the veteran jazz and blues diva Barbara Morrison for Body And Soul, a sultry and mood setting song that;s sure to be in your favorites playlist. For Davids own take on the Gershwin classic Summertime, he features the beautiful voice of Promise Marks who adds the exact amount of soul, passion and sensitivity as she is framed by his confident and stellar muted trumpet work.   

A Better Place is a wonderful album from a truly top musical artist. Davids range in styles shoes form dance and pop to serious jazz and this collection shows his passionate roots in jazz. FIVE STARS 

-Megan Field, Jazz Reviewer  


Check out davidlongoria.com and he can also found on wikipedia 

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