Y’s education partner children win at Kenya music festival

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New Canaan: Children from the Facing the Future Education — FAFU Centre in Kibera, Kenya, the New Canaan YMCA partner organization, are winners of a recent music festival.

The New Canaan YMCA’s education partner, Children from the Facing the Future Education— FAFU Centre, are winners of a recent music festival. Children of Facing the Future Education in Kenya are shown at the music festival. — Contributed photo 

Two of the children won first and second place titles in the solo class category, while the team of 26 kids in total reclaimed their first place position — they won the two previous years — at the Republic of Kenya’s National Music Festival.

“At FAFU, we are proud of our children, and will continue providing the climate and leadership to ensure our children explore their full potential and talents,” said Simeon Ajigo, founder and manager of the Centre.

“We are now known for best performance both in academics and extracurricular activities we participate in. Our main approach is to lay a holistic foundation for the children, which we believe will propel them in their career dreams, and subsequent integration into society.”

The YMCA has partnered with Facing the Future since 2007.

Through fundraising initiatives and community support the Y has helped to purchase land, build new classrooms, and most recently, raise funds for a new playground at the center, and provide uniforms, supplies, food, mosquito netting and more for the the Centre.

The goal is to provide it with the tools to be self sufficient, said the Y’s announcement.

For more information, visit newcanaanymca.org or contact Nicole Jezairian at [email protected].

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