Who’Me? Drops Hot New Afrobeats Single ‘What’s Your Sign’ – A Celebration of Love and Good Vibes

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‘What’s Your Sign’ is the hot new Afrobeats single from Who’Me?. Who’Me? creates music infused with good vibes only. He draws inspiration from universal vibrations to celebrate and uplift his culture, as well as people from all corners of the world. Love, in his view, stands as the most powerful force on our planet. He delivers messages that resonate with the desires and needs of both his audience and the ladies, creating an auditory experience that’s bound to captivate and uplift.

What’s your new single ‘What’s Your Sign’ about ?

“What’s Your Sign is used in this song as somewhat of a pick up line. Then once you get with her you let her know that you don’t know if she really for you. But you also tell her you got patience and have time to wait and find out if she is. Then you tell her how you do feel about her, and that after some time and finding out you don’t know what you would do without her”.

What inspires you to produce music ?

“I make music through good vibes only. Motivated by universal vibrations to Big Up my culture and all peoples of the world. Love is the greatest thing that this planet has to offer. It has the power to heal and change minds and hearts in an instant. When love is in the air, calmness and peace are always present. When you truly live to love, you can block out all the forces that are just dying to hate. My songs are of love, fun, sex, passion, and happiness. All the things that feel and are good in life. I say the things they want and the things the ladies want and need to hear”.

The incredible new Afrobeats single ‘What’s Your Sign’ is out now on all major platforms.


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