Uniting metallic riffs and melodies like pompous anthems, German gothic metal band MONO INC unveil new EP ‘Lieb Mich’ and Latin America tour.

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EP brings together the band’s latest singles, previews from the upcoming album Ravenblack.

German gothic metal band MONO INC. released the single “Lieb Mich”, in which they presents fans with yet another dark and captivating work from its vast repertoire full of classics. The track arrived on digital streaming platforms in EP format, also bringing the previous singles “Heartbeat of the Dead”, “Empire” and “Princess of the Night”.

All tracks from the Lieb Mich EP will be featured on Ravenblack, the group’s long-awaited 12th studio album, which will be available on streaming platforms in January 2023. The single “Lieb Mich” brings a memorable sound and chorus with the characteristic beat of the German ensemble and received a music video version, available on the group’s youtube channel.

Another track from the EP, “Empire”, according to singer Martin Engler, brings a message of conquering dreams if you believe that it is possible to overcome challenges. The acclaimed “Princess of the Night” talks about the endless love and the duality that this feeling can create in the human being.

Featured on digital platforms, “Heartbeat of the Dead” is another single that shows a new facet, while delivering the music expected by its longtime fans.

The German group MONO INC. is formed by Martin Engler (vocals), Katha Mia (drums), Carl Fornia (guitar) and Val Perun (bass). The Ravenblack album will be the successor to the critically acclaimed The Book of Fire, which spawned an immense world tour and reached number one on the German charts.

The next tour promises to be even more memorable, after all, three performances were confirmed in Mexico, and soon, the group will make its first visit to Latin America. Starting in April, they will perform a series of shows across Europe, with Storm Seeker and SANZ as guest attractions.

The musical sound of MONO INC. is a mixture of influences that converge in a particular sound, captivating and full of personality.

The upcoming Ravenblack album, as shown in the tracks already released, unites metallic riffs, melodies like pompous anthems and deep lyrics that have always marked the band’s journey. The disc will feature 11 songs, all with characteristics that would allow any of them to be released as a single.

The band name is a combination of two abbreviated terms. Mono derives from Monomania (German, “Monomanie”), a term from the 19th century theory of psychiatric illness, a form of partial insanity conceived as a unique pathological preoccupation in a sane mind. The term “Monomania Incorporated” means “Company of the Partially Insane” and their abbreviation resulted in MONO INC.


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