The Soil Rises has released his new single called ‘Louder Smoke’, which is all about having an impact with music that stands out

“Louder Smoke is about me having impactful music that stands out from what we are used to.” says the producer“I’m an artist from Bushwick Brooklyn, New York City; I represent the ground let’s make the soil rise”. Connect here:Instagram: Watch his music on Youtube:

Rapper Kellee Marie has a deep passion for music and is excited to take you on a journey, starting with her new single ‘Go Hard Or Go Home’

Rapper Kellee Marie is challenging her male rapper counterparts in her new song ‘Go Hard Or Go Home’. “The song is about challenging rappers who need a team to write their lyrics whilst I as a female rapper write all my own.” says Kellee Marie. Born in Hastings but based in Yeovil, Somerset, British hip […]

‘Far From A Rich Kid’ is a great introduction to the rest of the year and what to expect from Hip Hop artist Basseline

North London based Hip Hop artist Basseline breaks into the first quarter of the year with his contagious single ‘Far From A Rich Kid’. Produced by KayzBeatz, the single explores the struggles of growing up without family support and the desire to overcome. Basseline’s rhythmic flow compliments the mid-tempo, piano driven afro-swing sound that emulates […]

Getting Cash Click have released ‘Ghetto Bonnie & Clyde’ featuring Richie Re, which is a story of a ride or die chick holding her man down and staying solid no matter

‘Ghetto Bonnie & Clyde’ is the latest single from Getting Cash Click featuring Richie Re. This influential group hails from Lake Charles, LA. Ghetto Bonnie & Clyde is an ode to Tupac with a duet style 90’s vibe — the overall record brings to life a story of a ride or die chick holding her man down and staying […]

Blind Season’s new album is a sign of the times and especially with the release of their latest single ‘How They See You’

Blind Season’s upcoming album is an ode to loneliness and toxicity that feel as if they were ripped from Billy Corgan’s Diary and featured in a film by Tim Burton. With the current questionable climate of the world there’s noquestion that this album will find its proper home and become a sign of the times. […]

Max M returns with his distinctive sound on his new EP ‘Renaissance’, where he has collaborated with Chris Willis and Della Ciprian on an exciting new track

Max M has started 2021 on the right foot as he releases his most recent EP, “Renaissance.” The five-track EP contains some of Max’s previous releases that have had massive success as singles such as “Imaginary Problems.” To top off the EP, Max M released a radio-friendly yet anthemic track, “If This Is What It […]

‘Zaza’ is a song based on escaping your problems and imagining better, a new single by rapper Bosco Babyy

Snowballed by an unprecedented global crisis, suddenly R&B-rapper-songwriter Bosco Babyy (a.k.a. Myles Austin), was forced to alter his artistic direction as the world hovered on the brink of change. Breaking into the industry at full speed, Bosco is expressing his artistic vision throughout all the chaos with his debut EP ‘Apocalypse’ highlighting 3 different sides […]

Dezvelkito has released his new single “Freedom” – Freedom from any type of oppression

Dezvelkito has released his new single “Freedom” – streaming on allplatforms. ‘Freedom’ is a song that asks humanity for freedom in the most lovingway possible. Freedom from any type of oppression. Available here: on Instagram: dezvelkito_music Watch it here:

‘All Out’ is the second studio single by Lousid and inspires fans to put themselves out there completely in order to succeed in life

Music has always been a refuge for Lousid as it was his way of shutting the world off and getting lost in the music. The name “Lousid” derives from the word “Lucid.” To be a lucid person means to have a clear understanding about a confusing event or events. “During a time filled with confusion, […]

VDXi has released a new single called ‘Vulnerable Rebellion’ which is a combination of musical styles brought together to tell one story

VDXi has released the latest single called ‘Vulnerable Rebellion’. The song starts off with a beautiful female voice and synthesiser that sounds like they could take you on an amazing journey.The guitars kick in at around 45 seconds and as soon as they do, this song starts to rock. What follows is basically a 4-minute […]

Valentines Day 2020 Pop Picks: The vibrant ‘Christopher The Grey’ releases a track full of LOVE and pop sensibility as he lets his ‘Butterflies’ fly free!

“The vibrant  ‘Christopher The Grey’ releases a track full of LOVE and pop sensibility as he lets his ‘Butterflies’ fly free” – Musichitbox UK MHBOX From the very first beats, ‘Butterflies’ is a track that captivates the listener, making it difficult for them to put down their headphones. In Christopher the Grey’s latest tune, there’s […]


KZN-based Cantrel releases his brand new single ‘Panic’ Cantrel is Neil Breytenbach (from Prime Circle) and ‘Panic’ features local rapper Velosity and vocalist Lauren Laing. The single was mixed and mastered in Germany, and the Alternative Electronic Pop song is a powerful release from the local star and grabs the listener from the first few […]