RADICAL NEW INDOOR DANCE ANTHEMS OF 2020: ‘Nathassia’ joines forces with the unstoppable force of ‘Pink Panda’ as her global dance anthem ‘Contagious’ pumps and thumps it’s futuristic vibe across the locked down planet earth.

Following ‘Light Of The World’, Nathassia touches back down with the Pink Panda remix of her single ‘Contagious‘ – signed to ArchangelUK. Dutch born artist, Nathassia (pronounced Natasha) emanates a rare & mesmerising quality throughout her live performances. Described as “The new face of Dance culture” & “Tori Amos for the Kiss FM generation” – […]

With an 80’s synth groove and a modern pop sensibility, ‘Nathassia’ releases the addictive pop track ‘Is Everybody Searching’

London based song-writer, Nathassia touches down with the WestFunk remix of her intricately crafted electro cut, ‘Is Everybody Searching’. Following a number of releases in recent times, including ‘Turning Headz’, ‘Goddess‘ & ‘Bang The Drums’ – Dutch-born artist, Nathassia lets her creativity speak directly through her music & combines an array of musical elements – […]