BEST POP VIDEOS: A stunning visual and American retro vibe video with an 80’s ‘Kids in America’ stomp,‘Christine Lee’ drops her elegant and stylish pop classic ‘One Track Mind’

Recording artist Christine Lee is back with a vibrant track called One Track Mind, as well as an accompanying music video Christine’s latest release is a fun upbeat dance song that will have you moving in no time. Christine shares, “One Track Mind is about meeting someone special and being so hooked that you can’t […]

MHBOX BEST YOUNG POP STARS OF 2020: 17 Year old ‘Christine Lee’ makes a strong return with her well written, melodic and irresistible Pop sound on new big music video and single ‘Fallin’

17-year-old Christine Lee is back with her latest song, Fallin along with a stunning visual that highlights the beauty of the song. Standing amidst a hilly area, Christine is depicted singing her heart out surrounded by nature. Christine says, “The song is young, innocent and shy. The heart and soul of the song capture that […]