‘Roentgen’ is the new EDM meets Futuristic Dance single from ‘Sonic Radiation’

With one eye on the past and one eye towards the future, Sonic Radiation constructs exciting electronic dance music that is both intriguing and captivating while holding true to the roots of the genre. While constantly creating tools for the modern DJ’s arsenal and reinterpreting remixing projects, Sonic Radiation forges ahead with a vision towards […]

MHBOX HOT INDOOR DANCE HOUSE OF 2020: ‘Happy Sadness’ from ‘Guantamano Bae’ possesses an enchanting groove with a strong pulsating beat and crisp bassline.

Guantamano Bae sets the world of electronic dance music on fire with his new cerebral masterpiece titled Happy Sadness. Remixed by DJ and producer James Jager, Happy Sadness is a riveting composition that embodies contrasting sonic elements for a very unique and startling musical experience. Happy Sadness was partly inspired by Guantamano Bae experience working […]

MHBOX ELECTRONIC CUTS OF 2020: ‘SOULFLVR’ helps millions get over their exes with a huge blast of uplifting, tropical house vibes on vibrant new drop ‘Get Off’

Dive into the summer vibes with SOULFLVR´s new song “Get Off” and feel the spirit of beach and poolside parties. Electronic Dance Music DJ and independent music producer SOULFLVR just started off to deliver fresh Deep-House and Tropical-House tunes on an almost weekly basis this summer season. MHBOX ELECTRONIC CUTS OF 2020: ‘SOULFLVR’ helps millions […]