California unleashes the sound of new rock energy with Ron Wright’s ‘Cryptocurrency’ sailing it’s way to the top

Monterey, California guitarist, lead vocalist and professional recording artist ‘Ron Wright’ is back with a fresh new solo performance release entitled ‘Cryptocurrency‘. ‘Ron Wright’ is currently riding high in the rock world with some of rocks legendary players and musicians on the incredible ‘Ron Wright & Special Guests‘. Ron Wright talks about new release ‘Cryptocurrency‘ […]

Monterey, California’s ‘Ron Wright’ keeps ‘Eddie Van Halen’ and the authentic sound of ROCK alive on the exceptional and accomplished masterpiece "Ron Wright & Special Guests"

Ron Wright is a guitarist, lead vocalist and professional recording artist from Monterey, California. Ron Wright is back with an incredible album featuring some of rocks legendary players and musicians. Ron Wright has released a powerful album of exceptional modern rock tracks entitled “Ron Wright & Special Guests” featuring 18 Tracks within the Classic Rock […]

A friend of Eddie Van Halen’s embarking on a solo career that has touched the globe, ‘Dave LeDoux’ releases a well written and produced Rock Pop release with the catchy melodic beauty of ‘Broken’

The music industry is so immense that every other vocalist tries to touch the souls of fans. Among those brilliant individuals Dave LeDoux is one. He started playing the drums in his early youth and then moved to learning the magic of guitar. The major role was played by Eddie Van Halen, who was not […]