South African Folk Star ‘Luke Beling’ Prepares to Unveil Debut Album with new single ‘A Stone in the Mouth of the Ocean

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Meet Luke Beling, a distinguished artisan of the folk realm whose origins trace back to the heart of South Africa. His debut album, titled “A Stone in the Mouth of the Ocean,” stands poised for unveiling, with the highly anticipated release date of October 2023 drawing near. The atmosphere is electric with excitement as this moment approaches, closely following the introduction of four unique singles that have already captivated hearts.

Leading this musical journey is the eponymous track, which not only shares its name with the album but also sets the thematic tone for the entire endeavor. This inaugural single delves deep into the voyage of reconciling human vulnerability while embarking on a search for significance within the vast cosmic expanse that surrounds us.

Shaped profoundly by the vibrant musical landscape of the 1960s and 1970s, Beling, a singer-songwriter, draws inspiration from the resonances of his father’s vintage records and the profound struggles of his homeland.

Krister Axel, a notable voice from CHILLFILTR, eloquently encapsulates Beling’s musical craftsmanship as an exquisite fusion of acoustic folk with a pop-friendly sensibility. These compositions intricately intertwine threads of spirituality and profound insight, resulting in a harmonious blend that strikes a resonant chord.

At the heart of Beling’s artistic vision lies a profound yearning to infuse his music with the entire spectrum of human experiences – from life’s wondrous moments to its formidable trials. Nourished by his journeys around the globe, he shapes his folk melodies into vessels that authentically convey narratives to his eager audience.

In a synchronicity that impeccably aligns with the album’s debut, Luke Beling has recently formed an exclusive partnership with Think Music Group, marking a significant milestone in his musical journey. This collaboration will facilitate the representation and licensing of his magnum opus, “A Stone in the Mouth of the Ocean.”

Furthermore, the album’s launch will be accompanied by a series of four lyric videos, each painstakingly crafted to resonate with the essence of the individual singles. These visual offerings are poised to provide a enriched and immersive experience for listeners, inviting them to dive deep into the intricate musical tapestry meticulously woven by the talented Luke Beling.








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