‘Prado’ slays in new single ‘they made you for me’

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Music has the potential to be exceptionally powerful and moving – however, in many cases, it can become dull and uninspired when a certain sound makes its mark too many times. Fortunately, this isn’t a challenge that fans of PRADO have to face since her powerful and bold sound ensures that every single is just a little different from the last. This is coupled with her wonderfully unique style, a blend of Latin and English sounds; together, these give a wonderfully uplifting, positive, and optimistic tune to her music overall.

While many modern artists look up to traditionally English artists, PRADO’s inspirations come from her favorite Cuban music icons, further differentiating her sound from that of many other artists nowadays. However, that’s not to say she doesn’t appreciate the incredible work of artists such as Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez, whom she looks up to as idols.

PRADO has only just started on her journey in the music industry, but it’s irrefutable that she’s already having a massive impact on the world of music around her. Her iconic sound is rapidly ensuring that more and more people are able to enjoy her music, as a result – and this is definitely something we have noticed as well. We absolutely love this brand new sound, and with her latest single “They Made You For Me” already proving such a huge success, it seems likely that PRADO’s career in the music field will only continue reaching new heights with all of her upcoming music, too!

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