Spotlight on interview – No Soap No Radio – Mark Wilson

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No Soap No Radio offers a considerable and kaleidoscopic catalogue of great songs and dynamic, accessible music, boasting great rhythmic command and heart-stopping refrains. Their latest release, While You Were Gone, is a compelling album demonstrating everything that makes No Soap No Radio distinctive and memorable.

Built on the songs of guitarist/vocalist Mark Wilson, No Soap No Radio’s sound spans musical genres – from classic rock and pop to the complex jazz-influence of Steely Dan’s fusion or Etta James’ blues – whilst firmly asserting its own stamp.  Combining grace, substance and edge, with spacious melodies and subtle arrangements, the songs are both immediate and complex.  The lyrics are cerebral, wry and dry, with movingly poetic, sometimes dramatic, visual metaphors firmly rooted in vignettes of the everyday – situations, journeys, satire and affection.

Wilson’s heartfelt vocal delivery is intimate and passionate conversational and intense, always pushing the emotional depth of his lyrics.  Bassist Tim Appleby’s classical and jazz roots give the songs depth and direction, perfectly complemented by drummer Paul Taylor’s dynamic and sensitive approach, fusing jazz delicacy with driving rock and Latin punch. Lead guitarist Steve McCormick has the rare ability to move seamlessly from background to foreground, through subtle orchestration and chord work with syncopated rhythms to visceral and searing lead guitar solos. With a sonic palette spanning heavy metal and country, Steve moves fluidly between melodic, inventive finesse and brilliant, abrasive attack.


Based in the north of England, No Soap No Radio have built a loyal following over a number of years.

Their new album, While You Were Gone, will be released on June 17th and will be available to buy direct from the band’s website ( and digital platforms.


Greetings Mark ! So what do you do in the band and tell us about the other members ? 

I play rhythm and acoustic guitar and vocals as well as writing the songs. Other members are Paul Taylor ( Drums and percussion), Steve McCormick ( lead guitar ) and Tim Appleby on bass and keyboards.

So where did it all start. What was the first song you ever played ? 

All My Loving by the Beatles

Do you write your own songs ?


What are your long-term career goals ?

To keep on writing and playing and to have our music heard and appreciated wherever possible. To play before huge crowds and small crowds at great venues, on Jools Holland and other discerning stages.

What are you working on right now ?

Planning the next album – we have so much great material ready to go…

How do you feel about the internet in the music business ?

Still not sure how best to use it as an instrument but increased access to more and more music is a wonderful thing

Where can our readers find you online ?

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